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Welcome to, the largest online game cheat portal on the internet. Our objective is to create a different gaming experience for our users using pre-hacks. Game players who find it hard to play some games can come to and use the cheats in the game to help complete them, while others like to use cheats for a sandbox mode. You can also check out BidFax.

Hacked Action Games

You no longer have to waste precious hours trying to get past that impossible level in your favorite action flash games but only seeing the dreaded “game over” screen, leave all the hard work to us. Download hacked flash games online now and play the games on your terms.

Our action flash games have been hacked by dedicated hackers to give you extra lives, unlock all levels and essentially put you in God-mode so you can play the best games without the limitation 1,300 action games to choose from and more constantly being added in this category alone, what are you waiting for!

Hacked Adventure Games:

Enjoy your favorite adventure flash games without being held back by the dreaded “Game Over” screens. Our hacked online games are full of cheats that can help you do what you love doing – playing adventure games – without the restrictions.

From Stickwars to Swords and Sandals, at we are constantly updating our collection of cheats on the most popular adventure flash games, so we apologize in advance for weeks of unproductivity! Get extra lives, skip levels, gain ammunition and more as you enter God mode and get through those levels you thought you’d never complete in record time.

Hacked Arcade Games:

Play your favorite arcade flash games online without any interruptions. Instead of wasting hours and sometimes days trying to complete a game, use our hacked games with cheats to fast-track ahead. With all that extra time you can play even more arcade flash games and with nearly 2,000 of them (and growing!) there are plenty to choose from!

At our talented hackers are constantly adding new games and cheats to the collection. From popular games such as Sprinter and Flood Runner to Wheels and Zombies and Impale 2 – stop reading this and let the arcade gaming begin!

Hacked RPG Games

Role-playing games or RPG to most of us, are some of the most fun and immersive games out there and here at we are constantly adding free hacked flash games.

This means that you can play your favorites (and soon-to-be favorites) without being held back by things like hard-to-complete levels and not enough money in the bank. With over 200 popular RPG games to choose from including Super Adventure Pals, Sonny 2 and Legend of the Void, you’ll get more than just your usual RPG-fix. Enter God mode and achieve higher scores than ever before with our free hacked games.

Hacked Shooting Games

Love playing shooting flash games? Well you’ll love them even more when you have access to cheats such as unlimited ammo, God-mode and extra lives with our free hacked games. Your favorite games can be frustrating when all you want to do is simply play but are held back from completing them.

At our dedicated hackers have done all the hard work for you so you can just enjoy the games. There are over 1,300 shooting games already uploaded on our website, with more being added regularly. Whether you’re into popular games such as Raze 2 and Strike Force Heroes or want to try something new – you’ll be spoilt for choice at

Hacked Strategy Games

Strategy games are ideal for those of use that like a challenge, however some of the most popular strategy flash games can be frustratingly difficult to complete. Here at our hackers have incorporated cheats into some of your favorite games so you can avoid defeat and play hacked games online without limits.

Some of the most popular flash games we have include Stick Wars, Endless War and Legends of the Void. Cheats include free upgrades, money and health boosts, and tactical points. With over 600 strategy games already on the site, and more constantly being added, there are hours of entertainment waiting to be had. But we’ll warn you now – it’s highly addictive!

Hacked Tower Defence Games

Tower defence games require great skill and strategy, but completing them can be frustrating and difficult. Here at we have hacked versions of all your favorite tower defence games so you have the money, health and more to do what was previously impossible.

Browse through over 400 games or search for the most popular ones, including Kingdom Rush, Tower Force 2 and Pokemon Tower Defense. With the ability to speed-track through games like never before, you have extra time to try some new ones. So what are you waiting for? Play free hacked flash games now.

Hacked Puzzle Games

With over 1,000 (and growing!) hacked flash puzzle games here at, there’s no arguing that they’re some of the most popular games around. Requiring skill, concentration and dedication, puzzle games are some of the hardest to complete.

However, our talented hackers provide you with thousands of free hacked flash games so you now have the power to complete the most challenging of games with ease. Cheats include the ability to win/skip levels, no enemies and more. Either browse through our games to try something new or search for your favorites such as The World’s Hardest Game, Save the Dummy and Sky Garden.

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