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Artypist is a portal that provides a free Online Typing Course, Created to help you learn, improve and master typing skills. ARTypist Online Typing Course Certificate can be downloaded as a PDF file, which can be accessed and viewed using any device. Print at home or share your certificate with recruiters.

ARTypist Certificate

A security code is added to each certificate we issue, so that anyone with a copy can validate its authenticity, either in digital or printer format. Becoming a good typist is only a matter of time, workout and practice. It’s not so hard to attain a decent typing speed.

Hand Positioning in Typing

After reading the three key typing points the next step is to learn how to position your hands and fingers on the keyboard. At the next photo check closely and see how the hands and fingers will be arranged. Each of your fingers should have one key to rest on.

artypist typing

Using this ten-finger position you minimize the distance to your fingers from all the keys, so you’ll be able to type really quickly with minimal effort and practice!

artypist hand typing

This method of ten fingers is often called contact typing and has long, long been commonly used. It is the same technique that everybody is going to teach you nowadays, even if you are going to a private school.

artypist hand instruction

If the fingers are well aligned without looking at the keyboard is one trick to learn. Rub the keys F and J on both indexes, do you notice the bumps? The home row is recognized as the place where the fingers rest.

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The three simple advice listed below:

Don’t make errors: Do not make mistakes while texting! If you want to write as quickly as your ever imagined. You will have to remove the wrong keys for every mistake you make, and write them back again! Sure you don’t want to spend the time! Do not worry about very sluggish at the beginning, just note and obey this theory and the typing speed will come!

Don’t look at the keyboard: Once again, the time you spend looking at the keyboard is when you loose key typing. For the first couple of classes, it’s safe to glance at the keyboard so you have to push yourself to avoid staring at the keyboard. You should trust us, knowing where each key is without looking at the keyboard is what you need to increase the speed of your typing.

Praxis! This is the only important factor to learn to type correctly while working with the other concepts in mind. It would just boost the quality of your typing abilities. From here we recommend that you practice in sessions from 15 minutes to 1 hour three of four times a week. That’ll be enough to help you develop and strengthen your abilities.

That is it! Here is what you need to learn before you leave. Just, isn’t it?
Don’t commit mistakes! Look no farther than the keyboard! Practice it four times a week!

Remember and apply the keys I mentioned and you have become a master of typing, It’s just a matter of time.

Take one advice on the following lessons:

Rest the fingertips in the home row after every key is pressed. That’ll help you stop looking at your keyboard. That is it! That is all the theory for this lesson that you need to know.

Certificate of Completion

Follow all of ARTypist’s typing tutor’s tutorials and tests to earn a diploma. You may need to perform all lessons and test in order to receive the credential as a registered user of the ARTypist platform, either by using your Facebook page or your e-mail, so that we can maintain track of your success.

How to Download ARTypist Typing Tutor

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I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Online ARTypist Typing Tutor on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

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At last, I hope you liked this post on Online ARTypist Typing Tutor on Windows.

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