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BeyondSquare Finalyzer Financial Management Suite (FMS) is a flexible financial consolidation, financial reporting, financial data analytics and regulatory management web application. The product gives the F&A and secretarial teams tremendous value in managing, sharing and analyzing corporate financial information in an efficient, effective and transparent manner.

Beyondsquare finalyzer

FinAlyzer is used by a variety of organizations for its management & regulatory restructuring and reporting criteria. A variety of accounting & consulting firms often use it to automate financial MIS & dashboards which they create for their customers.

Product Overview

Benefits of Relief

The Finalyzer Dashboard

    1. KPI Dashboard:- Provides critical details about whether KPIs have been met or missed, whether alarm rates have been breached and what that means.
    2. Executive Dashboard:- Provides a bird’s eye view of the most critical financial metrics & patterns, offering an easy to understand and actionable insight into the financial health of the company.
    3. Balance Sheet Analysis:- Provides critical details on whether KPIs were met or skipped, whether they breached warning rates and what that means for the company.
    4. Profit & Loss Analysis:- Provides the opportunity to conduct a thorough review of the profit & loss report by analyzing patterns, real vs. strategy, segment-wise reporting and drill-down for each ledger account.
    5. Cash Flow Analysis:- An in-depth study of inflows, outflows and net cash flow over a period of time, enabling decision-maker’s preparation such that business runs smoothly.
    6. Forecast Dashboard:- Future forecast and serves as an early warning system in the event that issues are expected to occur (e.g. the company will hit a cash flow crunch, meet sales expectations, overshoot budget).

The FinAlzer Offering

  1. Monitoring of financial & organizational results dashboards for KPI monitoring.
  2. Get informed about hits & misses via notifications & easy to understand comment.
  3. Supporting decision taking through intuitive forecasts.
  4. Segment based slicing & Sales Dicing/P&L.
  5. Canned & Tailored MIS.

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Custom Offering

  1. Sophisticated custom reports & dashboards.
  2. Automatic cost-allocation.
  3. Modul Bookkeeping.
  4. Legislative restructuring.
  5. Translation into foreign exchange.
  6. Tax reporting for Multi-GAAP.
  7. Many Monitoring Reports.

Beyond Square Analyzer

Understanding the Problem

  1. For financial restructuring, company vital Error, financial performance dashboards & formal financial reporting, 90% of companies use manual processes.
  2. It takes a long time to prepare management reports after a monthly book, making the data less valuable for actionable observations and decision-making.
  3. The method is manual and thus prone to mistakes and takes time.
  4. Traditional EPM solutions time-consuming and expensive to implement.

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Process Manual

  1. Inability to manage multiple map of accounts with multiple reporting purposes-regrouping.
  2. Different Data sources-financial and operational.
  3. Reporting costs core and dimensional slicing.
  4. Consolidation of multi-entity / branch, papers, processing, forex.
  5. Price distribution.


  1. Simplify financial analyzes by dashboards & reports on management.
  2. Help Decision Making by money, revenue and profit forecast.
  3. Measure financial health & offer timely warnings.
  4. Give key information such as income, expenditure, benefit, cash reserves, inventory, trends & projections.
  5. Generate Bank & Regulatory Reports Automatically.

Product Features

  1. FinAlzer deployment takes half the time and a fraction of the cost as opposed to conventional EPM solutions.
  2. A single forum for automating all facets of financial accounting & regulatory restructuring & reporting.
  3. FinAlyzer aims to reduce the period of restructuring by more than 75%. Spend more time researching and less time processing data.
  4. Scheduled interface helps to process, monitor and keep the data up-to-date.
  5. With a single button, complex multi-level hierarchies in various currencies and alternative reporting hierarchies can be quickly consolidated.
  6. Through fast and reliable reporting, reduce enforcement risks and major compliance costs.
  7. Automate the removal of inter-companies and the time-consuming reconciliations between comapnies.
  8. High competitiveness & cost analysis across various market segments and flexible distribution of costs to better match capital & cost drivers.

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Key Features on Finalyzer

Power insight

Consolidation Workflow

Consolidation view shows you at all times in the workflow where you’re in the near process. Get a bird’s eye view of the completed tasks and the ones that have yet to be achieved. Achieve the consolidation smoothly with a single button.

Unlimited reporting hierarchies

Support any range of alternative reporting hierarchies (taxonomies) to meet various legislative reporting & reporting criteria for management. FinAlyzer offers out-of-box support for INDAS, INGAAP, IFRS, USGAAP, Management Reports & Dashboards, making roll-out fast and simple for all deployment.

Unified Chart of Account

Map all the organizations, regardless of the underlying ERP used, into a single chart of accounts for consistent reporting around the enterprise.

Close & Consolidation process simplified

Post Journal entries and reclassification, Automatic inter-company eliminations, inter-company reconciliation of transactions, automatic minority interest & goodwill measurement, multi-level restructuring, handling of subsidiaries, JVs, associates etc. managing various financial cycles, generating infinite scenarios (actual, budget, forecast, movement etc).

Support any number of currencies

Consolidate, Convert & monitor foreign currency with full audit trail, in compliance with the latest standards. Capacity to overwrite with historical exchange rate.

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Configurable & customizable reports

Using common models for reporting or build your own. Reports include by dimension slicing & dicing & click-through drill-downs. Show as web files, or export to PDF. Drill down to the level of each entity’s general ledger account-from management reports & financial reports.

Print ready financial statement

Directly from trial balance in the multiple formats required. Reports can be designed exactly as per the financial report formats issued by the auditor, including schedules & non-financial details, using sophisticated excel add-ins that synchronize dynamically with the data on the FinAlyzer server.

Actionable Insights

Performance Dashboards:- Use primary performance metrics, patterns, drill-downs & variances to quickly evaluate organizational results. Alert yourself about misses and take action on time. Profitability & Performance Management. Configure sophisticated financial models to support multiple cost & revenue allocation methods for reporting segmentally on profitability.

Audit trials and controls:

Strong controls and audit trials ensure approved users have access to the information needed. Audit logs & reports offer the accountability needed. Corporate locking until numbers are finalized-to prevent any lower-level shifts.

Seamless interface to source systems:

Link for smooth transfer of source data to any ERP. Use scheduled jobs to refresh automatically the data or trigger on-demand uploads. Ability to also load non-financial data for financial reporting as well as generating related KPIs for management reporting.

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Inter-company eliminations are handled in multiple ways

Elimination of exchange rates across currencies or automatically terminate inter-company GL’s across companies.

Work on inter-company reconciliation to reconcile transactions between companies easily and to ensure that any discrepancies are quickly found and resolved. In addition, a special form of triangulation rate called “transaction rate” may be used to make it easier to reconcile transactions between companies across different currencies.

Calendar year VS Financial year

Possibility of managing various cycles of accounting. FinAlyzer has the potential to produce the TB periodically over various reporting periods (viz. Jan to Dec or Apr to Mar), making it possible to merge and prepare financial irrespective of the accounting calendar adopted by the consolidation participating organizations.

Improved Compliance

Profitability & Performance management

FinAlyzer provides diverse market segments with a rich productivity & cost analysis for better alignment of resource & cost drivers. Key benefits include defining profitability attributes through multidimensional analysis, accurately allocating costs through a versatile allocation engine with configurable rules that endorse any allocation approach, gaining confidence in allocating accurate drill-downs and allocation reports, strategically allocating client resources with accurate profitability & cost statistics, product & consumer segmentation improved and marketing strategies focused.

How to Login BeyondSquare 


Details of BeyondSquare FMS through Videos

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Customer Reviews

“Automating our financial consolidation with FinAlyzer made our statutory reporting simple, auditable, accurate and efficient by 65%.” By VINEET JOSHI

“FinAlyzer accelerates financial consolidation & statutory reporting for TalentEdge by 85%. Our approach to streamline and modernize reporting have paid off. We have been using FinAlyzer since 2015 which assists us to complete our consolidation in 3 days and focus more time on running the business with intelligent performance reporting in real time.” By BALAJI THOTADRI

“We found BeyondSquare to be a very competent & effective software services provider on the business analytics platform. They are a team of knowledgeable & experienced professionals with a strong passion to work. They have been very effective in downloding problems & addressing them in structured manner. We look forward to working with them again.” By RAHUL KASINADHUNI

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