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Philips Care Orchestrator gives you the power to remotely monitor and manage all of your sleep and respiratory patients with a single system.

It brings together the technologies, resources, people and information essential to caring for the growing number of patients living at home with chronic sleep and respiratory conditions. So you can deliver the best possible care, while driving the success of your business.

Philips Care Orchestrator
Philips Care Orchestrator

Care Orchestrator unites homecare providers, physicians and payers with patients. It turns raw clinical data into actionable patient insights and delivers it directly to care teams – via smart phone, tablet or PC. This gives all team members access to a patient snapshot, for greater consistency of care.

Everyone can work together to make fast, informed clinical decisions, help identify which patients are at risk and act decisively to provide timely care to those who need it.

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Drive collaboration among your care team with actionable patient insights delivered  straight to their smart phones, tablets, or PCs. Remotely monitor and manage all of your sleep apnea and respiratory patients with a single system.

Increase your team’s efficiencies and streamline your workflow for a sharper focus on higher clinical priorities. Run your business as you see fit, customizing reports and alerts to aid in identifying patients at risk and provide them with timely care.

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Making Care Delivery Easier Than Ever

The number of people living with chronic sleep apnea and respiratory disease continues to grow. And so do the challenges of caring for them.

Care Orchestrator is our breakthrough cloud-based application that connects homecare providers, physicians and payers with patients – across the entire health continuum. It gives you the power and flexibility to optimize care for all of your sleep and respiratory patients.

Features of Care Orchestrator:

Unify Care Terms and Enhance Interoperability

Care Orchestrator integrates sleep and respiratory patient information with hospital EMRs, insurance claims, and billing systems. So the entire care team – homecare providers, physicians and payers – all have fast and easy access to critical data across devices and locations. Empower team members to make informed clinical decisions, monitor patient progress, streamlines the billing process, easily submit claims and more.

Monitor and Manage patients remotely

Anticipate and resolve most patient concerns via remote patient monitoring – to help save time and avoid unnecessary costly home visits. Use advanced telemonitoring to connect with sleep or respiratory patients who are having clinical, equipment or therapy adherence issues – and prioritize those in need of intervention. Stay ahead of issues before they impact care through enhanced clinical reporting and automated adherence reports.

Optimize your team’s time

Care Orchestrator allows you to simplify day-to-day operations and improve staff productivity – with fewer resources. Automate and streamline your workflow, so your teams can spend more time on patient care. Optimize your staff’s ability to focus on high-priority clinical and compliance issues. Elevate disease management and keep patients healthy at home.

Run your business your way

You make the rules with Care Orchestrator –  tailored to the unique needs of your business and patient population. Calibrate adherence scores for sleep patients based on the requirements of different payers. Customize ventilation rules to identify patients who may need your assistance. Set parameters for alert management based on each patient’s health and usage information. You have the flexibility to do all this and more.

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