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GSTIN is GST Number or GST Number. A GSTIN is a unique identification number assigned to each registered person under GST, based on 15-digit PAN. You may want to do a GST Number (GSTIN) check as a GST-registered dealer before entering it in your GST Returns.GST Number Search Check GSTIN ClearTax   

A single person may have several GSTIN being an assessee under the Income Tax Act for each State or Union Territory from which such individual operates. Obtaining GSTIN becomes compulsory when the individual crosses the GST registration threshold by registering himself under GST.

There is a single registration number under GST-GSTIN, unlike the previous indirect tax system, where multiple registration numbers were present for different laws such as excise, service tax and VAT.

The Public information is GSTIN or GST Number. Searching by name for GST Numbers is an important activity that any business dealing with GST registered taxpayers must conduct to ensure the validity of the vendor and the GSTIN or GST Number used in the invoice. Technology has allowed you to search GSTIN from anywhere and at any time, by clicking a button.

Check GST Number before making a offer. On the first look of it, you can partially verify GSTIN or GST Number by testing if the vendor’s PAN Number matches the digits in the GSTIN between 3 to 10. Using the verification tool ClearTax GSTIN and GSTIN Validator to verify GSTIN or check GST Number in jippy!

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Distribution of the 15-Digit GSTIN Format

  • The first two digits are the state code as per the 2011 Indian Census. Each State or territory of the Union has a Unique code. For example, 27 stands for Maharashtra and 09 stands for Uttar Pradesh.
  • The next 10-Digits are the PAN Number of the taxpayer or the business house.
  • The 13th-Digits indicates the number of registrations for the same PAN in a state. It’s going to be an alpha-numeric digit (first 1-9 and then A-Z).
  • By chance, the 14-Digits will be alphabet “Z”.
  • The last digit will be the authentication code for error detection. It may be an alphabet or a number.

Format in GSTIN

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Why do you need a GSTIN?

Registration of GST is important for business organizations to make use of the various benefits available under the GST regime. The GSTIN is compulsory by the Government for companies with an annual revenue above Rs. 20 Lakh. If you are a licensed dealer, you need to file a GST Return and make a claim if there is a GST liability. Additionally, If the GST you pay is higher than the GST liability, you can claim a refund through your GSTIN.

In addition, GSTIN also helps when you’re looking to use a loan to finance your company. Financiers such as Bajaj Finserv are providing business loans to entrepreneurs to purchase inventories, increase warehouse space and grow their businesses. Your company should be registered with the Government of India and have a valid GSTIN to apply for a business loan.

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GST Search & Verification tool

The ClearTax GST in Search Tool and GSTIN Validator enables businesses to check any GSTIN with a single click GSTIN scan. This feature can be used free of charge by anyone provided they have the correct GSTIN on hand. If you have GSTIN, you can check every GSTIN with a single click on the GSTIN Search Tool. Everyone is free of cost.

Benefits of the Online GST Search and Verification Tool

  • Test Authenticity
  • Simple to Check
  • Prevention of contact with counterfeit GSTIN vendors
  • Avoid Fraud
  • Removal of any possible mistakes in GSTIN reporting

Where do I use the GST Search & Verification Tool?

Using the method by following the steps below-

  • In the Search Box, Enter a Correct GSTIN Number.
  • Tap the “Search” button.

If the GSTIN entered is right, you can check the information below-

  • Valid Name of the Company.
  • Registration Date
  • State
  • Level of GSTIN/UIN
  • Business constitution – corporation, single owner or partnership
  • Form of tax payer – daily taxpayer or composition dealer

GST Number Search Tool

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How to apply for a GSTIN?

Registering for GST and receiving a GSTIN is free of charge by the Government of India. There are two ways in which taxpayers can file under the GST:

  • Registration on the GST Online Portal
  • Visit GST Seva Kendra, founded by the Government of India.

Needless to say, It’s easier to submit online. To do so, you should follow these steps.

  • Log on to https://www.gst.gov.in/ click the “Service” tab, hover over the “Registration” button and then press the “New Registration” tab.

  • .Once the page has been refreshed pick “New Registration” and fill out the information carefully in the form. Please take care to enter information in all fields marked with a red dots, as this information is compulsory. Also, enter your email ID and phone number carefully as you obtain an OTP on both of them.
  • Once you have filled in, click on “Proceed”. Next, enter the two OTPs that you received on your email ID and phone number, respectively. You have a 10-minutes window to do this, after which the OTP expires and must be regenerated.
  • A TRN or temporary reference number will be shown on the device. Note this, and then go back to the home page, click the “Service” tab hover over the “Registration” button and then press the “New Registration” key.
  • This time, when the form is submitted to you, click “Temporary Reference Number” instead of “New Registration”. Enter the TRN and CAPTCHA Code as well as the new OTP to be created.

Every Steps be Carefully

  • Once you are led to the “My Saved Application” tab, you will be able to access a form that you will complete and submit within 15-Days. The form has 10 sections, so once you open it, be sure to fill in the details in each section and affix scanned copies of your bank account number, IFSC Code, Proof of incorporation etc.
  • Next, Fill in the enrollment form. Once again, make sure that you have details for all fields that are required. Then press the “Save and Start” button. In the same way, fill in the information that are required as set out in the “Company” and “Promoters/Partners” tabs while providing proof of constitution.
  • Eventually, include details under the “Authorized Signator” line.
  • And continue to fill, out the rest of the tabs, including “Primary Place of Business”,“Goods and Services”, “Bank Account “ etc. using details from related records such as the first page of the Passbook or bank statement and evidence of the Primary Place of Business.
  • An important feature is the digital sign-up of your application through e-signing, DSC or EVC. It is mandatory for companies and LLPs and the signature of the registered signatory as indicated in the registration form, must be used. Then you submit your submission.
  • You will obtain an Application Reference Number (ARN) on your mobile and email ID shortly afterwards to help you monitor your progress.
  • When you do this, click on the “First Time Login” button to create your own username and set a new password.
  • After 3-5 Days, you can access your registration certificate by navigating to the “Service” tab. To do so, click on “Customer Services” and then on “Display or Download Certificates”.

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Details of GSTIN through Videos

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Conclusion on How to Check GST Number in India

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