E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore Call Details App Download

E2PDF SMS Call Backup Restore Call Details App Download

In today’s era dominated by smartphones, our handheld devices serve as more than mere communication tools; they stand as repositories of our digital existence. Within them reside a myriad of crucial data, including text exchanges and call histories, which often bear sentimental or vital significance. However, the potential loss of these messages or call logs due to accidental deletion or device malfunction can evoke distress. Enter E2PDF SMS Call Backup and Restore, a dependable solution crafted to address these concerns.

Now you can get xml or PDF backup of almost everything (Contacts, Specific contact Log, Call Log, SMS backup, Call Log Statistics, SMS Statistics, truecaller) and you can instantly save these backup in email, Google Drive/ DropBox or save them on any cloud location/where ever you want. Backup and Restore feature is available for SMS and Call log in addition to PDF backup which is available for SMS, Call Log, Contacts and statistics.

E2PDF SMS Call Backup and Restore: An Overview

Tailored for Android devices, E2PDF SMS Call Backup and Restore stands out as a feature-rich mobile application engineered to safeguard SMS messages and call logs through seamless backups and restoration processes. It offers a hassle-free means to preserve vital communication records, ensuring peace of mind for users.

Key Features of E2PDF SMS Call Backup and Restore

Effortless Backup: E2PDF simplifies the process of backing up SMS messages and call logs, requiring only a few taps to initiate data protection.

Multiple Backup Options: The app provides various backup destinations, including device storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, or email, ensuring redundancy and minimizing the risk of data loss.

Scheduled Backups: Users can establish automated backups on a schedule, guaranteeing regular data preservation even in cases of oversight.

Selective Backup and Restore: E2PDF empowers users to cherry-pick specific conversations or call logs for backup or restoration, granting control over preserved data.

Offline Access: Access to backed-up data remains available even without an internet connection, catering to users with sporadic connectivity or frequent travelers.

Password Protection: E2PDF offers the option to set passwords for accessing backed-up data, fortifying the confidentiality of personal information.

File Formats: Supporting multiple file formats such as PDF, HTML, and plain text, the app offers flexibility to suit diverse user preferences.

User-Friendly Interface: With an intuitive design, E2PDF ensures accessibility for both tech-savvy individuals and those less acquainted with mobile applications.

Why are used E2PDF SMS Call Backup and Restore?

Data Security: E2PDF employs robust measures to securely store SMS messages and call logs, shielding them from accidental deletion or device malfunctions.

Convenience: Automated features like scheduled backups minimize manual intervention, making it convenient for users with busy schedules.

Versatility: By allowing backups to multiple locations, E2PDF ensures data redundancy, ensuring accessibility under various circumstances.

Privacy: The inclusion of password protection enhances privacy, thwarting unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Ease of Use: E2PDF’s straightforward interface enables users of all technical backgrounds to effortlessly manage SMS messages and call logs.


E2PDF SMS Call Backup and Restore emerges as an indispensable tool for Android users seeking to safeguard their vital communication records from potential data loss. Its robust feature set, encompassing scheduled backups, diverse backup destinations, and password protection, positions it as a reliable and user-friendly solution. By integrating E2PDF into their mobile devices, users can rest assured that their digital memories and essential information remain intact and easily recoverable.

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