EcuFlash Evo V1.44 Free Download | Ecu Flash Subaru for Windows

EcuFlash is a general-purpose ECU reflashing and editing tool that supports an ever-growing list of vehicles. It’s uses the OpenPort vehicle interface to reflash vehicles via the OBDII port.

EcuFlash Download
EcuFlash Download

EcuFlash also allows you to edit ECU data in a human-readable format using a XML-based definitions system to translate the data. With properly setup definitions, the ROM from any vehicles can be edited. Future plans for EcuFlash include logging support / overlay and live tuning.

EcuFlash Subaru Free Download for Windows & Mac OS

EcuFlash V1.44 Free Download for Windows
EcuFlash V1.38 Free Download for Mac OS

What is EcuFlash?

EcuFlash is an ECU reflashing and editing platform for general use that supports an ever-growing list of vehicles. The OpenPort vehicle interface is used by EcuFlash to reflash vehicles through the OBDII port. The ROM of any vehicle can be edited with correctly configured definitions.

In general, EcuFlash can reflash a much larger number of cars than there may exist XML definitions for. This means that you may be able to read and write from some cars, but not edit anything until a XML definition is made by us or someone in the larger OpenECU community.


Often times the current release of EcuFlash doesn’t have the most current XML definitions in existence and you may need to visit various forums to find what you are looking for.

An upcoming version of EcuFlash will allow you to automatically submit any new ROMs you find to Tactrix so that we can more quickly create XML definitions for these.

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EcuFlash for MacOS

EcuFlash version 1.38 for Mac OSX is provided for legacy OpenPort 1.3 cable support only. There is currently no EcuFlash support for the OpenPort 2.0 pending necessary OSX driver development.

Ecu Flash
Ecu Flash

Alternately, EcuFlash 1.44 will work by running parallels on OSX. EcuFlash Evo Driver Free Download for Mac OS above 10.4+ versions.

Ecuflash Definitions

These definitions will only work with RomRaider. They are also designed to be used with the latest logger xml update (0.3.5b 10-02-2009) which can be found here: Logger Xml Update and the latest Ecuflash Ecu Definitions which can be found here: Ecuflash Xml Update.

How to Install Ecu Defintions:

  • Download the file of the units you would most likely use from the bottom of this post.
  • Unzip the ecu_defs.xml file into your main RomRaider directory replacing the existing file or in another directory of your choice where is is unlikely to be moved or deleted.
  • Run Romraider and selected “ECU Definitions”->”Ecu Definition Manager” from the menu bar.
  • If any definitions files are listed, select each file and click “Remove”.
  • Click “Add” and select the location of the new unzipped ecu_defs.xml file.
  • Click “Save”.

Key of Features:-

  • File dialogs offer all ROM types by default.
  • Added SH boot mode support for SH725XX processors.
  • Support for 2015 WRX with Hitachi ECU.
  • Support for OEM reflashing of BRZ.
  • Mitsucan heuristically determines correct checksum area size.
  • Allow for other responses in wrx02 bootloader init sequence.
  • Update checker now looks at build numbers to notify you of incremental improvements that don’t have a new minor version change.
  • Make category expansion on file open an option.
  • Make MRU file list size adjustable.
  • Apply 12V Vpp to 2004-2007 DBW Subarus, in case some models check for this.
  • Definitions metadata has a notes field displays in the log window when loading a ROM.
  • Add option to show invalid leaf node tables for definition developers.
  • Help prevent laptop from going to sleep during reflash.
  • Switch to Qwt 6.0.
  • Add Generic3072k and Generic4096k memory models.
  • Added details to read template selection.
  • Add upload capability for unknown ROMs.
  • Added display of VIN and CVN informationAdd additional checksumming for Mitsubishi M32R ROMs.
  • Add patching module for Mitsubish CAN parameter logging.
  • Added warning when checksumming is turned off in Subaru ROMs.
  • Added scroll bars to maps that are too large to fit the screen.
  • Support for flasing 512k and 768k M32R Mitusbishi processors.
  • Added H8 checksum module for editing of Evo 7/8/9 ACD ROMs.
  • Add Mitsu CAN RAM parameter logging patch.
  • Add support for Evo ACD reflashing.
  • Show recovery mode in status bar.
  • Add detection of Windows 7.
  • EcuFlash.exe now has signing a proper version info.
  • Add patching engine.
  • Allow copy of static values.

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Conclusion on EcuFlash Software for Windows

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Download EcuFlash Software on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this extension from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on Ecu Flash Subaru Download on Notebook


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