GST Return Status | Track Application GST Status ARN & SRN – 2020

The Indian Government has provided every taxpayer access to an online portal every taxpayer access to an online portal to make the process of filing GST simple and user friendly. The official GST Status portal simplifies the process but you need to register your business to start with. You should fill in an online form and complete the online registration.

GST Return Status

After you have done so, it takes 15 days to sign your submission. Meanwhile, the GST registration status can be checked on the official GST portal using your Application Reference Number (ARN).

OFFICIAL Website   

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How to check GST Return Status?

If the taxpayer has made the payment successfully, it will be guided to an acknowledgment page where the individual who submitted the return will collect the ARN.

The question now arise: What is ARN?

Application Reference Number (ARN) is a unique number that tags a transaction with a credit card when it goes from the acquiring bank to the bank of the cardholder. Banks could use that number to trace a deal with an acquirer.

ARN for every taxpayer who submits their GST Returns. A taxpayer can track their return thus filed using ARN.

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Below are four different ways to check the status of GST Returns:

Masters India

The Masters India Website is one stop portal that will assist you in any GST related query. Any taxpayer can test their own and GST Returns Status suppliers by simply entering their own GSTIN and in the case of suppliers, simply entering their GSTINs. Understanding the supplier’s Return Status makes the taxpayer’s day-to-day enforcement easy.

To know the status of your GST Returns using the Masters India Portal you must follow steps listed below

  • Open the Masters India Website: https:/
  • Click GST Resources Tab > Check GST Return Status.
  • Select Year from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter GSTIN and Click Search.

Master India

Check GST Registration

By Return Filing Period on the Govt. Portal

Before beginning with the steps the taxpayer must have access to their so developed GST account. Then follow the following procedural steps using return filing time as follow:

  • Open the common portal:
  • Enter your current login credentials.
  • Maneuver the cursor and click on service > Returns > Track Return Status.

GST Status methods 1

  • Go the Return Filing Period.
  • From the drop-down list pick the financial year in which the return was filed.
  • Enter the Search button.

Track Return Status

Checking GST Return Status using ARN

The person who files the return or in other words, the taxpayer receives an Application Reference Number (ARN) on their email ID or in case the phone is registered with the specific portal on their phone messages. These are the steps to be used when deciding the return status through APN:

  • Open the common portal: https://www.
  • Enter your valid credentials on the login page.
  • Maneuver the cursor and click service > Returns > Track Return Status.
  • Write ARN in ARN field.
  • Enter the Search Button.

ARN Track Return Status

Determine the Status of GST Return Status using Status

  • Open the common portal: https://www.
  • Enter your valid credentials on the login page.
  • Maneuver the cursor and click service > Returns > Track Return Status.
  • Choose the Status of Return from the drop-down list.
  • Enter the Search Button.

Status Return Status

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Verifying and Determining the e-Filed GST Returns

Any taxpayer can view and download the status of GST Return that was filed electronically using the procedure below.

  • Open the common portal: https://www.
  • Enter your valid credentials on the login page.
  • Maneuver the cursor and click Service > Returns > View e-Files Return.

View e-Field Return

  • From the drop-down menu pick Financial Year, Return Filing Period and Return Form.
  • When the Return Quarterly is submitted by the taxpayers pick Quarter from the list.
  • When the taxpayers file the monthly report, pick month from the list.

Home Returns

  • Click the Search Button and Display the Return Status of the GST.

View e-Field GST Return Status


If you enter the correct code without any spaces or typos, your GST Registration Status will be received on your screen within seconds. Each terminology however represents a different set of information. Continue into the next chapter to find out what each entails.

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What does the status of each GST Registration mean?

You will get a written status basis at each stage of your application for registration, the stage it is in. Through decoding your ranking, you’ll be able to quickly gage the progress of your submission. Checking your GST registration status here are the words you can find:

  • Provisional Status: This means your application has not yet been filed.
  • Pending for verification Status: This status means the application has been successfully field.
  • Validation against error status: This status means that the PAN information that you received do not suit the IT department’s data. Upon seeing this status, proceed with the earliest rectification of your demand.
  • Migrated Status: This status offers you a good head-up and states that your GST migration application has been successfully completed.
  • Cancelled Status: A cancelled status shows the submission failed.

Plan the route forward based on your GST Registration Status. Since you need to file GST within a prescribed timeline, it is best to start the process as soon as you have your status head-up. This will allow you to have GST Returns on track.

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Conclusion on GST Return Status Track GST ARN

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