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Kundli Astrology is the term in Vedic Astrology for the Chart of Birth. Twelve Kundli houses show ascendant and planet position in different zodiac signs as seen from the place of birth at the time of birth.

Kundli Software

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Free Online Kundli Software

Kundli is an individual’s Life Plan. We all have a Kundli, which can help you understand many things. That is why around 15 years ago, AstroSage introduced the world to free Kundali Software. the app lets you read Kundli 100% FREE.

This Kundli making software has gained worldwide recognition for delivering the most precise and detailed predictions about an individual. Mobile app will be very handy if you want to use the software regularly. Kundli’s Android app and IOS app for astrology have some more fabulous features to it.

Kundli Software

You can also make Kundli in Hindi, English, Bangali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati and many more languages, along with the correctness and precision. We are introducing more languages incessantly. Outside of languages, the Janam Kundli app has ll the astrological features you could think of.

AstroSage Kundli Software has also paid plans for astrologers as well as enthusiasts to allow them to save unlimited birth charts and also to save some worksheet calculations.

Create Online Janam Kundli Astrology

This FREE Janam Kundli will only be effective by date of birth and time when you have accurate information. People usually make mistakes by putting in the wrong birth time, which ultimately gives them the wrong Kundali with absolutely irrelevant predictions. Check your Kundli map now, and get ready for the adventures ahead.

Janam Kundli can be conveniently rendered online. All you need is to put the information correctly and click on the submit button. Prediction of Kundli has its roots from the Vedic times. We have ensured that our free Kundali Chart does the Vedic tradition all the justice.

The FREE Kundli Software from AstroSage provides more than 50 pages of reporting which covers almost all aspects of your  life. The download of Kundli is not very difficult, either. Only find and click on the download PDF button in your left options after doing your thorough Kundali.

If you manage to find a good website it is always a good idea to check Janam Kundli Online. Astrology is lke arithmetic, after all and machines have less risk of making mathematical mistakes.

We have some other free resources that you can discover on our mobile app website, too. FREE Online Kundali Software provides answers to general queries, which is why we have a panel of astrologers who respond as a paid service to your personalized question.

Kundli Online in Hindi was most popular among all the Languages that we offer. Therefore we have added a lot of content in the Hindi Language as per our Hindi speaking users’ requirements. Kundali are very easy to make in Hindi. No less than any other language this free Janam Kundli in Hindi is. So, now get the free Janam Kundali in Hindi.

How to Download Kundli Astrology Software 

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Conclusion on Kundli Astrology Software FREE Download

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Kundli Software FREE Download on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this software from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on Kundli Software FREE Download on Windows.

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