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Use some cool tips and tricks that Typing.com offers to learn how to type in. This free typing software monitors occasional progression. By opting for one-minute, three-minute and five-minute typing tests provided by this online typing teacher you will boost your typing Accuracy and Speed.

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Kids these days are all about the smartphones and the iPads. But what happens when they get a real test-time compute and have never used a mouse before?

Preparing the Next Generation is Critical Especially Now

It’s no secret that with technology in – and now out of – our schools the need for quality teaching and learning has never been greater. Tech doesn’t go away so the students ought to be trained as a student – not only for college so job preparation also for daily life, today more than ever.

It’s easy to forget as an instructor and chief that the students don’t have the same expertise as you do. In the era of social networking and touch – screens.

Such assessments will decide the next phase (and support for educators) in their future. Keep on reading to know how to teaching children keyboarding – and even earlier than you think – translates directly into classroom performance.

From Texting To Success

Preparing Your Students for the New Normal Typing


Due to texting, the keyboarding skills of students these days are often reduced to two fingers (or thumbs). Although this lets them show fast on their cameras, it doesn’t translate to a keyboard. When it comes to coursework, it can leave them behind.

Having a proper keyboarding technique means being able to succeed better with classwork and testing that is driven by technology. Now – as much as in the future – your students must write essays, emails and communicate clearly with over 140 characters. Only note-taking is simpler as they are able to write more accurately more easily.

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Why Technique Training Should Start Right Now

Children these days are all about the laptops and the ipads. But what happens when they need to use an actual test computer? The last of us to have compulsory typing class are now 40 years old. More elementary teachers come to realize that learning the computer parts can’t be ignored until Junior High because – not only is it too late by then – most of the Junior High curriculum doesn’t include it.

Valuable opportunities to give children the best possible outcomes slip away if the learning parts of a keyboard are not introduced until 8th grade CS class before educators introduce. The first moment children learn to switch frames, break displays or using the mouse can’t be learning period.

Teaching Smarter, Not Harder

Typing.com Basics


For young learner educators, adding one more thing in an already packed day might seem overwhelming – on top of mounting workloads, tight deadlines, and administrator or parent demands.

It is particularly magnified now when schools struggle in the wake of Shelter in Place directives to meet academic targets in a number of ways. We’re all starting to know that studying online appears very different from studying in a classroom.

So, with time and resources so scare how can you add more? Facilities. A few minutes a day gets measurable results quickly. The Typing.com activities are fast enough for students to complete a task in just a few minutes and they can do it anywhere. Healthy part? Typing.com is not only for the savvy of technology but for every instructor who wants to find out where technology blends into their curriculum.

Teachers who have applied this vital ability building to their teaching also quickly incorporate is as bell research or fill in “unfillable” moments after finishing assignments. It’s not only gets the children off YouTube, but welcoming sites like Typing.com connect with leader boards, prizes and creativity that kids will use to make it their own.

Engaging for Students and Meaningful or Educators

Now, You may be talking about how you should involve your students in typing lessons. While there are many tools out there that are full of characters in color and cartoon, these over-stimulate the brain and more importantly make the task more difficult.

If you are searching for a typing method that boosts learner morale and closes the gap in achievement search for these stuff is important:

  • Be sure the thinking exits without the sensory stimulation. If not, you’ll have trouble staying focused on your students.
  • Make sure you can do workouts on schedule so you can establish goals and appreciate variations in results.
  • Every successful platform will encourage you to customize the lessons and style tests. It is vital as each student is special and addressing crucial learning and achievement gaps lets students achieve their maximum potential at their own pace.
  • While not necessary, some of the superior typing tool’s great bonus features let students incorporate their own content assign their own goals and measure progress along side others.

Why is Typing

With lots of commitment and rewards the students learn valuable fundamentals. Timed exercises aim to improve the usage of the correct technique – like accurate fingering positioning and purposeful keystrokes – in a friendly, engaging way.

Students who improve both their Accuracy and Speed, even in small ways receive rewards which drive meaningful involvement. Students can see their enhancement through visual bar graphs, challenge themselves or complete with motivating competition and scoreboards against classmates. They can even create avatars, decorate their home pages or use their creative writing skills to create a test of their own!

Prepare for 21st Century Learning

Total members of Typings

Equipping Students with the skills to effectively navigate all the parts of it in today’s digital world is as key to their present as to their futures.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of teaching your students vital digital skills early on take a look at how Typing.com Premium Offers clean, clear typing practice for each level. To learn more please click here.

Why You’ll Love Typing

Engaging Curriculum

Students learn valuable technology fundamentals – designed by experts for students of every skill level

Gamified Learning

Engage students with fun typing games, interactive lessons and achievements.

Make it Your Own

Enhance learning by creating your own lessons for cross-curricular reinforcement.

Multilingual Content and Instruction

Instructions and Lessons available in Spanish or English – you choose!

Make Learning Come Alive

Teach indispensable keyboarding skills with great visuals and personalized reports in a wonderfully accessible format.

  • Distraction free, step-by-step
  • Simple, toggle on/off multilingual instruction
  • Easy to set up, customizable assignments
  • Engaging class competitions, leader boards and printable certificates
  • Instantly sync with Google Classroom, Clever or Classlink
  • Timed exercises to set standards and understand performance
  • 100% Ad free *with premium purchase
  • 180-day Data retention
  • Personalized goals and weekly progress reports
  • Full district and administrative tools to streamline management

How to go typing.com Official Website

Official Website Go Here


  • It’s inspiring program shows students the basics of useful technology.
  • With fun typing games and interactive lessons, the students learn quicker. To ensure speedier more precise input this gamified learning is a must.
  • Another major advantage is that Typing.com provides instructions and lessons in both English and Spanish.


  • There’s only a limited number of lessons on Typing.com. This means that the courses may not be really useful to experienced consumers.

Conclusion on FREE Typing Tutor – Typing

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