Not Sure What Certification to Pursue? Here’s How ExamSnap CompTIA A+ Stands Out

Possessing the skills of an IT specialist isn’t enough to find a dream job and secure generous pay. Thus, it would be best if you considered certifying your skills and technical knowledge too to do these with ease. And if you’re an entry-level IT specialist, then achieving the ExamSnap CompTIA A+ certification is a great place to start your qualification journey. In this article, you will find a few of the exciting benefits that come with being not just a specialist but a certified specialist in the digital world.

Quick Overview of A+

The ExamSnap CompTIA A+ certification validates an IT specialist’s skills in security, cloud computing, virtualization, mobile devices, and other relevant core technologies. To achieve this validation, candidates must pass the Core 1 exam with code 220-1001 and Core 2 one also known as 220-1002.

Benefits of Attaining A+ Certificate

If you’ve targeted for earning the CompTIA A+ Practice Test 220-1002 VCE, here are a few advantages derived from undertaking such a certification:

  1. Employers value certified A+ specialists

It’s a widespread belief among employers that applicants with this well-known certification are effective problem-solvers in any organization they find themselves in. Consequently, their employers and recruiters value them. What’s more, this designation validates and tests industry-standard skills and capabilities that are relevant to today’s connected world. Therefore, to attain the certificate, you must acquire new and relevant skills akin to the challenges that are necessary to carry out the daily duties related to cybersecurity management solutions.

  1. Attainable to entry-level candidates

Another benefit of undertaking the Exam Labs CompTIA A+ Practice Test 220-1002 VCE certification exams is that someone at the entry-level can take them and earn an appropriate certificate. In other words, this designation provides a proven path to break into the IT industry so one doesn’t need to have much experience in the field before s/he can go for it. What is more, the CompTIA 220-1001 & 220-1002 exams cover core IT concepts that give you a good start in technical support. In a nutshell, concepts such as introductory networking, security, hardware, and software are right in line with the requirements of the early stages of your career path.

  1. Cost-effective certification

When one considers the perks of the ExamSnap CompTIA A+ and the cost of the exams that it takes to earn such a certificate, which is just $232 per test, it’s easy to see that this designation is definitely worth it. And there’s one more reason why you should register for these tests. Once you’re certified, your average salary will start at $45,000 annually, depending on your specific job title, according to the vendor itself. Consider that, and you’ll find this initial sacrifice very well worth it.

  1. Easy renewal

If you don’t know, CompTIA ExamSnap certification renewal policies make it easy for certified IT individuals to renew their certificates. As a rule, the CompTIA A+ is valid and is extendable for three years after earning and the subsequent renewal procedure is thus necessary. Therefore, the A+ recertification exercise consists of training and activities that are related to certification topics. They can include taking online courses like the CertMaster Continuing Education (CE) A+, collecting Continuing Education Units (CEUs), or watching webinars. However, remember that all these have to be done within three years before your certification expires.


With the general benefits of the ExamSnap CompTIA A+ certification enumerated above, you can now see why you should do all you can to earn it. And if you see the difficulty of the relevant certification exams as a negative factor, remember that nothing comes easy. So, in this case, all you need is motivation, diligence, and ample time to prepare thoroughly. And then the certificate is in your pocket!

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