OP Auto Clicker v3.0 Free Download【Windows】2022

OP Auto Clicker is a popular app for setting auto-clicking on your computer. It is full-fledged and offers two different modes, as well as the possibility to limit the number of clicks.

OP Auto Clicker
OP Auto Clicker

It is an especially handy for Minecraft and Roblox. In this article, we discuss some of the app’s key features and some additional information.

OP Auto Clicker v3.0 Free Download for Windows

What is Op Auto Clicker?

OP Auto Clicker is a full-fledged autoclicker with two modes of autoclicking, at your dynamic cursor location or at a prespecified location. The maximum amounts of clicked can also be set (or left as infinite).

Hotkeys work in the background for convenience.

What is Auto Clicker?

An Auto Clicker is a type of software or macro that can be used to automated the clicking of a mouse on a computer screen element and click faster than intended. Clickers can be triggered to repeat input that was recorded earlier or generated from various current settings.

Auto Clickers can be as simple as a program that simulates mouse clicking. This type of auto clicker is fairly generic and will often work alongside any other computer program running at the time and acting as though a physical mouse button is pressed.

Alternative Auto Clicker for Windows:

Most Popular Features of OP Auto Clicker:

Hotkeys: A new feature comes with the latest version of OP Auto Clicker. Users can now change heir hotkeys.

Clicking: Another useful feature is the possibility to choose between single clicking and triple clicking.

Clicks: Users can customize their experience and set the amount of times to click. This amount can also be set as unlimited.

Easy: OP Auto Clicker is no-minder – the hotkeys work while the application is in the background.

Light: In addition to the above, OP Auto Clicker is perfect for your computer because it has very low CPU usage.

Time-saver: OP Auto Clicker saves users time because settings are saved – this is also the case of the last fixed location.

Features of OP Auto Clicker:

✅ User-friendly interface, easy-to-use.

✅ Support multiple click points and multiple swipes.

✅ Choose whether to follow your cursor or click at a fixed spot.

✅ Set the amount of times to click (or unlimited).

✅ Choose between which mouse button to click as.

✅ Pick between single clicking, double clicking or triple clicking.

✅ Change the hotkeys.

✅ Convenient – Hotkeys work while application is in background.

✅ Settings are saved (includes last fixed location).

✅ Free and Open Source.

✅ Clean User Interface.

✅ Low CPU usage.

✅ Portable.

✅ No advertisements or malware.

✅ Virus Free (The amount of autoclickers with viruses out there are uncountable).

What’s new in v.

✅ You can now change your hotkeys!

✅ Changed the about page.

✅ Added a few minor options.

✅ Your settings are now saved from your last session so you only need to enter them once. (Includes last fixed location).

✅ Added double clicking and triple clicking.

✅ Added Right clicking and middle clicking.

How to get started?

Step 1: Set the time interval between clicks.

Step 2: Select the mouse button you want to click and the type of click.

Step 3: Set the repeat mode and number of clicks.

Step 4: Select where you want to click.

Step 5: Click the start button or use the hotkey (Default F6) to start the click action.

How to set a shortcut?

Step 1: Click the Hotkey setting button on the main panel.

Step 2: Click the Start/Stop button on the Hotkey setting panel.

Step 3: Press a key that you want to set a hotkey, then click the “OK” button.

How to refresh a web page automatically?

Step 1: Set how often to refresh the web page.

Step 2: Set the left mouse button to click the Refresh button.

Step 3: Set the number of times the web page is refreshed.

Step 4: Pick up the position of the refresh button.

Step 5: Click the Start button or use the shortcut key (Default F6) to start the automatic refresh.

Is OP auto clicker the best?

OP Auto Clicker 3.0 is the easiest auto clicker to use because of its simple interface. This auto clicker has two methods of clicking. In the first one, you can click on the screen where you left your cursor last. For the second method, you need to give a specific location for the cursor to repeat the clicks.

Is OP Auto Click safe?

OP Auto Clicker is a 100% safe and secure software, which is easy to use. It seems that the app has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. OP Auto Clicker is an open-source meaning that the source code is accessible to users.

Is OP Auto Clicker Free?

Yes, you can download and use it for free. For the OP Autoclicker download, click on the download button at the top of the page.

How to use Op Auto Clicker?

Conclusion on OP Auto Clicker v3.0 for Windows

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Download OP Auto Clicker on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

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At last, I hope you liked this post on OP Auto Clicker on Notebook!

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