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OBS – Open Broadcaster Studio is a common free and open source Windows Desktop Video Recording and Live Streaming Software. It comes with a powerful variety of features that enable you to make professional videos and live stream setups. All your main online sites like Twitch, Mixer and YouTube are sponsored by OBS Software Download.

obs open broadcaster studio software

Twitch Streamers are particularly fond of OBS Studio because of its flexible setup capabilities and the ability to add face cam to your live streams. You can seamlessly switch an unlimited number of scenes between them via custom transitions.

With the Streamline settings you can fully customize every aspect of your recording or broadcast. OBS Studio often incorporates a flexible UI that enables the consumer in their own window to rearrange the interface or open components. That means you can build a fully personalized environment that performs just as you need to.

OBS Studio is designed to interact with and configure. Since it is open source, it also helps you to collaborate alongside others in the group to build the apps you like. Ultimately, OBS Studio is a strong, feature-filled video recording and live streaming system running on Windows PC. It is open source, fully accessible and features to be enables to match the unique needs.

Video Recording and Live Streaming Software

Open Broadcaster OBS

Open Broadcaster Studio is an open-source platform for recording and broadcasting live content in real time. Otherwise known as OBS Studio, this program features a built-in video editor and audio mixer allowing you to simultaneously record, edit and broadcast.

You may also add multiple data channels such as window recordings, client keys, webcams, capture cards and so on into the software. You will boost your live streams on every Windows device operating Windows SP1 or newer by integrating the hardware with its comprehensive range of software.

Throughout recent years, the field of video sharing and broadcasting has taken off, becoming a major industry as more and more users opt to produce live videos and share it to the internet. Meet Open Broadcaster Technology, the open source tool for producing and distributing electronic live video and captured material. Install Windows PC for free and continue streaming today!


obs open broadcaster studio

Scenes and Origins would be the field of OBS Studio where you’ll spend much of the time. It’s important to remember that scenes is just one of the program’s Origins. Certain examples are Audio Input / Output collection, Game Snap, Camera Source, VLC Video Source , Text Pango etc. When you’ve picked a red line through the connection tab, you can see it from the source folder.

The cropping features comes in handy when you choose to see other programs eliminated. On the other hand, scenes can come from diverse visual sources. You can create an unlimited number of sources. You can create an unlimited number of Scenes but make sure it has not the same name as a Source.

For eg. where a Source has already taken the same name, you cannot have a scene called “Playing”. The accessible Scene switches allow you to move between Scenes. You can attach these by clicking on the Scene transitions icon the plus column. Note to customize the length and rotation before making any changes.

Powerful Streaming Program

OBS Studio has other features that can enhance your broadcast appearance, Like Scene Filters, Mixers, SRT Protocols etc. OBS is ideally designed for seasoned broadcaster or streamers with too many options who want to control all of their sources and edit resources in one app. It can also be found for potential customers or hobbyists. At the beginnings it may be daunting but its simple and ordered design cal allow you to understand the positions and uses of each device.


All the functionality, none of the cost

Since the advent of online channels such as YouTube, Twitch and Hitbox, growing millions of people are starting to watch. Whether you’re a player showcasing your playing games, an artist making media or even a instructor providing guidance to an audience the site is full of live material. And with the release of Open Broadcaster Technology it’s never been simpler (or cheaper)! to start broadcasting.

This includes all the functionality that you can anticipate from a streaming program such as catching GPU, file performance to mp4 and FLV as well as support for microphones, cameras and instant uploading to your preferred device. Run several windows, view image of a web camera and apply your own logo to the show.

Open Source means Software can be fully Customized

It is excellent news even though you’re not a programmer or don’t have the need to dig through the application. A group of programmers are bringing enhancements as an open source application as well as developing extensions that would often be available for free.

You should includes these plugins and solutions in your own broadcast as a customer, so that you can use the software you want to offer you the choices you need. As a result, Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) Software has a multitude of officially supported plugins as well as vibrant and active programmer community which supports them. Want support or advice? This is not a faceless organization, it is a programmer community that is working on this project. It is important to them and it is important that their users have a good experience.


  • High performance Audio / Video capturing and Mixing in real time. Creating multi-source scenes including window captures, images, text, browser windows, webcams, card capture and more.
  • Establish an unlimited number of scenes that you can seamlessly switch between via custom transitions.
  • Intuitive audio mixer with per-source filters including noise gate, reduction of noise and boost. Use VST plugin support to take full control of this.
  • Strong setup choices and simple to use. Connect new Outlets, replicate current ones and seamlessly change their resources.
  • Streamlined Settings panel provides you with access to a wide range of configuration options for tweaking. Every aspect of your broadcast or recording.
  • ‘Modular “Dock” UI lets you rearrange the interface just how you wish. Every single Dock may also pop out to its own doors.
  • OBS Supports all and more of your favorite streaming platforms.

Create Professional Productions

  • Choose from a number of different and customizable transitions when switching between scenes or adding your own video files to the stinger.
  • Set hotkeys for almost any form of operating, such as flipping between sequences, starting / stopping streams or videos, muting audio sources, pressing to chat etc.
  • Studio mode enables you to test your scenes and sources before you send them out live. Adjust or create new scenes and references to make sure they’re flawless before the fans can see them.
  • Use the Multi view to get a high level view of your production. Track 8 separate scenes with a single or double button and conveniently cue or switch to each of them.

How to Download Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS)


Conclusion on Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) 

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Open Broadcaster Studio Software on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this software from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

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