QB64 Download for Windows 11, 10, 7 (32/64-bit) :: qb64.exe

QB64 Download is a self-hosting BASIC compiler for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X designed to be compatible with Microsoft QBasic and QuickBASIC. QB64 is a C++ emitter, which is integrated with C++ compiler to provide compilation via C++ code and GCC optimization.

QB64 Download for Windows 11

QB64 implements most QBasic statements and can run many QBasic programs including Microsoft’s QBasic Gorillas and Nibbles games. Furthermore, QB64 has been designed to contain an IDE resembling the QBasic programming language to include 64-bit data types, as well as better sound and graphics support. It can also emulate some DOS/x86 specific features such as INT 33h mouse access and multiple timers.

QB64 v2.0.2 Free Download for Windows 11/ 10/ 7

What is QB64?

QB64 is a BASIC compatible Editor and C++ emitter that creates working Executable files from QBasic BAS files that can be run on 32 or 64 bit PC’s using Windows XP to 10, Linux or macOS. The goal is to be 100% compatible with QuickBASIC 4.5 plus add hundreds of new abilities such as program icons and custom sized windows and a great retro Editor with builtin help.

QB64 Download for Windows 11

The new keywords add some new features such as playing music or sound files and instant access to 32 bit graphics file images. Also TCP/IP internet communication is available to download files, email messages over the web or play internet games. DLL Libraries can add more programming options and QB64 can access all of the new USB gaming controllers and printers.

QB is an abbreviation for QBasic or QuickBASIC which is an easy to learn language that grew very popular int he 90’s. It uses simple syntax but holds great potential as there are methods to achieve nearly anything. QBasic is more alive than ever with QB64!

QB64 Download for Windows

QB64 v2.0.2 Download for Windows program doubles as a BASIC-compatible editor and a C++ compiler, making it a contemporary replacement for the Basic programming language. It gives you the ability to create 32-bit & 64-bit for Windows compatible functioning executable from programmes created using QBasic or Quick Basic 4.5.

QB64 Download for Windows 11

QB64 is a specialized third-party application that enables you to create programs that are compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 & Windows 11 turn existing projects into versions that are fully-compatible.

QB64 Forum

QB64 is the basic compiler project by Galleon and has an active forum of beta testers. It is a growing community and the project is moving along well. The project site now has wiki.

Major stages in the exciting transition to IDE auto-formatting and auto-layout are complete. Code will auto-indent.

Advantages of QB64 for Windows

➤ It supports different file formats and also provides clipboard access.

➤ QB64 gives instant to 32-bit graphics files (most popular formats).

➤ QB64 gives instant access to several audio formats.

➤ It’s supported on most modern operating system, so that no emulation is required.

Does it have modern features? Do they HAVE to be used?

AB64 has plenty of modern features, but they do not have to be used. You may just want to run some of your old favorites. QB64 was created to run your old QBasic 4.5 (or less) programs on newer Operating Systems without any changes.

You could code using the original QuickBASIC syntax all the way through and it should work as you expect it to or even better. QB64 is often faster and has none of the memory limitations that plagued QBasic in the past.

QB64 is not meant to run PDS (7.1) QBX code. Most GW Basic code will run with minor changes.

The modern statements are displayed to go along with the BASIC philosophy and expand QBasic into the future!

Features of QB64 for Windows

➤ Full graphic functions for images up to 32-bit color. Alpha transparency supported.

➤ Instant loading of image files including BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF and more…

➤ Supports stereo sound files like WAV, OGG, MP3, speaker and volume control and more…

➤ Animation is easy to do using _DISPLAY instead of page flipping, to achieve flicker-free graphics.

➤ Clipboard reading and writing support.

➤ Networking over TCP/IP and Email.

➤ True type font and Unicode support for many languages.

➤ Integrated mouse and game controller input including scroll wheel support.

➤ Support for C++, OpenGL, Windows API and other custom Dynamic Link Libraries.


QB64 is an independently distributed program, and as such both “qb64.exe” and the programs you create with it may eventually be flagged as false positives by your antivirus/anti-malware software.

It is advisable to whitelist your whole QB64 folder and the process
qb64.exe” to avoid operation errors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the file name of QB64 software?

The filename of the QB64 software can vary depending on the version and the operating system you are using. However, the most common filename for the Windows version of QB64 is “qb64.exe”, while the filename for the macOS version is “qb64”.

What is the official website of QB64?

The official website of QB64 is “https://www.qb64.org/“.

Is QB64 a programming software?

Yes, QB64 is a programming software that allows users to write and run programs in the QB64 programming language.

Is QB64 safe?

QB64 is a safe and secure software to use for programming purposes. It is an open-source software that is developed by a community of programmers and is free to use.

Who is developed QB64 software?

QB64 is a community-driven project that is developed and maintained by a team of volunteers from around the world.

Is QB64 software available for free?

Yes, QB64 is available for free and can be downloaded from the official QB64 website.

QB64 Software used for

QB64 is a programming language and development environment that can be used to create a wide variety of software applications, including:

  1. Games
  2. Utilities
  3. Educational Software
  4. Business Applications
  5. Desktop Applications

Is QB64 software supports on Windows 10?

Yes, QB64 is fully compatible with Windows 10 and can be used to create and run programs on this operating system.

QB64 is designed to work on a wide range of Windows versions, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

What is the latest version of QB64 Software?

The latest version of QB64 available at that time was version 1.5, which was released in August 2021.

Conclusion on QB64 Download for Windows 11 64 bit Full Version

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