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SahiGST was created by a Group of entrepreneurs with considerable experience in the tax and technology domains. SahiGST is now Vayana Network’s portfolio product-an approved GST and India’s largest 3rd party platform for short-term trading financing. For more information please visit


Through India Stack (AADHAR, UPI, GSTN) new prospects have arisen for enterprise digital transformation. With our flagship product SahiGST, SahiGST is developing solutions that help make the adoption of India Stack fast.

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SahiGST is among India’s finest GST Return Filing & Reconciliation Software. Since the beginning of 2017 our platform has been demonstrated to over 1000 finance professionals and numerous feedback received is continuously integrated into the Software.

We believe that choosing a Good Software is a nuanced decision and the features list does not reflect usability of a Software. Therefore we strongly urge you to register for or view our demo online (below). For those who believe, here are some of the main characteristics that make SahiGST.

Digital India SahiGST

Concerned over GST? GST Return Filing solution for SahiGST’s world class GST is here to help you! We believe in making the process of filing your return quick and seamless. Our pledge is a program which is simple to use with excellent help.

Made to Scale
A mobile cloud platform to handle all compliance with GST. Our systems are able to collect all of your invoice information and to schedule timely filings.

Platform Support
Getting started with SahiGST is extremely simple with our support teams helping you get up to speed and make effective use of our platform.

Integrated Approach
We believe companies should comply with current programs. Our engine is designed to be incorporated into common systems and also tailored to specific cases.

Multi User System

We recognize that businesses have multiple stakeholders working together to communicate with partners and achieve compliance.

Activity Monitor
Throughout the programs, activity logging is built into. Get a user log of activities and understand what each user has done to create transparency.

Comprehensive GST Coverage
SahiGST is completely prepared to handle all GST formalities expected by businesses. We make sure you follow all the Government’s stated guidelines.

Powerful Reconciliation
All invoices between vendors & suppliers are reconciled automatically by the platform. Input Tax Credit is tracked via the system. All details are kept accurate and consistent.

As much as it is important to adapt to evolving compliance requirements and scalability, SahiGST achieves its goals while delivering the best in class protection across its technology platforms & processes.

Proactive Notification
Become informed at every phase. Our program sends automatic reminders to monitor the process and to ensure on-time compliance.

For all the information you need only a click away. Platform provides customers with versatile and comprehensive reports, tax slabs, geographies and date ranges.

Role Defined User Access
An integrated maker/checker and approve program that enables you to monitor what each user is able to access and do on the SahiGST Platform.

Maintain Business Master
The Platform enables you to handle clients or the hierarchy of your own business. Organize with ease the designated signatories, contact persons and multiple GSTINs.

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Why do you need a Software for GST Filings?

GST took India digital compliance like never before. Quality filing Software such as SahiGST can help you in a number of ways. Below are some:

Last Day Login Issues
Government site or any single application can not manage the last day’s paying taxes for all India!

Audit Trial
With GST, having proper audit trail of all the filings is all the more relevant. ASPs provide functions for multi-user & audit.

SahiGST runs the data through 1000s of validation and allows you to easily correct any errors. You benefits from our clear understanding of error messages & at the same time we aim to develop them every day that passes.

Reconciliation based on software is easier, which encourages cooperation. ASPs help fit the buy ledger to GSTR-2A and run intelligence to speed up error correction.

Most Importantly – Support
SahiGST recognizes that a complex fiscal reform such as GST needs top-notch support. SahiGST’s customer service & success teams are hard at work to ensure you get professional, friendly and truthful service at every step of your SahiGST journey. Support for use is not an extra alongside the commodity, it is an integral part of our deal!

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Why SahiGST?

India’s Government has taken the bold step of introducing a major tax reform in the country. GSTN was tasked with creating backbone technology for GST in India. Strengthened by a modern approach and GSTN APIs, modern SaaS/Cloud based Software would allow you to manage your tax filings for the first time ever.

SahiGST Demo

The basic skills needed to create such a magnitude of cloud computing are different from what the industry has seen so far, hence creative teams like SahiGST come into the picture. Although e-filing taxes is and should be a easy process, reconciliation with GST will also be a major part of the process. Ensure sure you have the following on your GST service provider:

Customer Focus

There will be significant variations between a program designed for CA corporations, direct companies and businesses. It would be over complicated for SMBs what would be an ideal software for an enterprise and CAs / TRPs would need unique features.

Customer focus is the reason why some internet software takes a majority share of the market while other similar software does not work at all. Think about the social networks that you use and the messaging applications. A single good app that understands the needs of the customer and builds solutions wins around it.

Design & Ease of Usage

For various activities, such as emails, web search and video, We enjoy great user experience and world-class software. So why not look for well built and easy to use software? Say no to shabby-looking apps not putting consumer first!

Why not get the best for use in our country too in today’s day and age when Indian Software is recognized globally. SahiGST is quick to track user feedback and make changes to its product to help alleviate your pains.

Cloud Experience

A company with experience in building online user authentication applications & complex data storage structures. Different skill sets are creating a desktop based software and online software. Make sure you choose a vendor who has the right experience with online apps. For a decade the SahiGST team has been developing Online Solutions.

Domain Expertise

Does the team designing your GST solution have ample expertise in enforcement and tax software? SahiGST founders and core team are open about their credentials and are accessible.

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SahiGST Price

SahiGST Pricing

The Pricing of SahiGST is structured to ensure your GST Returns are fee from any worries. Gain the versatility to choose the best price based on your needs. No secret constraints, no supplementary fees-you pay what you see!

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How to Login & Register on SahiGST



Details of SahiGST through Video

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FAQS About SahiGST’s Offering

Ques:- How do I file returns with SahiGST?
Any return other than GSTR-8 (for e-commerce operators) can be filed through SahiGST for which GST Network provides APIs.

Ques:- Can I file single account returns for multiple businesses?
Yeah, You can file returns for multiple companies / GSTINs with one SahiGST account as per your chosen program.

Ques:- Which is the validity of my SahiGST account?
The SahiGST License is valid for one financial year (upto April 30 of the following year). If you purchase the software today, you will be able to build and file all returns related to FY 2019-20 via SahiGST, the due dates of which fall within the license validity as stated above.

Ques:- How many users can one account be created?
With the SahiGST License you get unlimited users who can login with their own login credentials and function concurrently on the SahiGST account.

Ques:- What are SahiGST’s Features?
SahiGST offers a program that is very simple to use to complete all your GST Returns & reconciliations. The app comes with quality support that lets you make productive use of our platform. Please see our comprehensive feature list here.

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Conclusion on SahiGST Software in India

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for SahiGST Software in India. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this software from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on SahiGST Software in India.

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