Sonma Typing Expert PC Download for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Sonma Typing Expert PC Download for Windows – The Sonma Typing Expert is a valuable software application that helps users to develop productive typing skills in Hindi and English. This software system as been developed to provide beneficial facilities to Hindi students attending English-speaking Universities.

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The platform features many user-friendly interfaces that enable students to engage actively in typing courses designed to expose novice typists to current developments in the field of keyboarding.

Sonma Typing Expert PC Download for Windows

What is Sonma Typing Expert?

Sonma Typing Expert is a typing tool to learn Hindi and English typing. It features Pause/Resume option for emergency during typing, typing duration between 1 to 30 minutes, Save and Print your current/previous results, very good understanding documentation for users and more.

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Sonma Typing Expert also provides a complete, downloadable edition of the app to enhance the instructional opportunity for students. This app earned a strong average score from users who have spent four weeks or more interacting with the course material.

Users who regularly communicated with the app described its capacity to teach students as its most useful attribute in all areas of English and Hindi keyboarding. Users really enjoy the fact that a free version of this educational product is available.

Get Fluent in Hindi and English

When utilizing a separate set of alphabets, writing correctly and quickly in bot languages may be challenging for bilingual typists. Whether or not you are proficient in writing and speaking certain languages, Sonma Typing Expert will help you progress in a short time. Unlike Typing Master, Typing Test and similar programs this one is focused on English as well as Hindi.

Sonma Typing Expert English

Sonma Typing Expert is one of the easiest and most accurate software in the field. This form check app helps you to learn keyboard typing skills with a quick interface, without any problems. The device comes with a range of activities to help you develop accuracy and speed. As these lessons are accessible in English and Hindi, both languages can be developed with ease.

How does Sonma Typing Tutor Expert Work?

While similar apps such as English to Hindi Character Converter focus only on translations, the new version of Sonma Typing Expert addresses the differences between the Hindi digital keyboard and the basic QWERTY English keyboard. As such, this platform aims to enable users to effectively practice the skills. The curriculum relies on several drills in order to boost the fluency.

Every exercise in this Hindi typing software you to advance in steps, with each step focusing on a specific difficulty point. You can switch between workout forms and languages with only a few mouse clicks when using the software.

Sonma Typing Expert Hindi

In fact, the software tracks data on speed and precision, allowing you to measure efficiency and progress. You will print details with the username using Sonma Typing Expert in Hindi and English to apply for different work. You will adjust the length of the assessments manually by using the software to establish precise objectives for progress.

The Sonma Typing Expert has been developed with a basic and easy-to-use interface to enable you develop fast and effective typing skills. This is a perfect opportunity for job-seeking graduates and freshers. You just need to obey the basic steps in the activities in order to develop the skills. With free download of Sonma’s Typing Software, You can choose a keyboard of your choosing.

As previously stated, the software includes several workouts each presenting you with varying difficulty levels. Each practice concentrates on phrases word classes, character, and more.This lets you get used to main position and reduces the amount of typos or errors when typing.

Multiple Exercise in different Language

You will practice typing with the Latin alphabet in both languages with Sonma Typing Expert. You may also use the wireless Hindi keyboard to develop your skills. Switching between such languages is simple with a single click of the mouse. Based on the degree of complexity, over a specified amount of time you need to work on each exam.

Sonma takes into consideration the amount of typos you create to calculate accuracy and time. The code lets you delete it if you made an mistake. Yet in one paragraph, you can not go back to modifying or erasing several mistakes.

Does Sonma Typing Expert give scores!

The new edition of Sonma Typing lets you record and print the results. So you can access these scores at any time and continuously reassess your improvements. You’ll need to include your name and other information to access samples. Length of the check between 1 and 30 minutes is simple to determine. You can also stop the check anytime you like.


The new update upgrade arrives with a user-friendly interface enabling beginners to boost pace and precision of typing without any problems. To Windows free installation of Sonma Tutor Typing is simple to use.

It’s a fantastic app for learning and helps you to improve the typing of English and Hindi. Generally it has received favorable feedback from users who have been engaged with the app for a number of weeks or longer.

Speed and Accuracy

Although there are many successful typing apps, such as Rapid Typing Tutor and KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor, none discuss the challenge of switching to various styles of keyboards. Fortunately, free access taping Sonma tackles this problem and helps you to practice both in English and Hindi. Sonma Typing Expert for computer is undoubtedly an excellent choice for users all over the world.

Features of Sonma Typing Expert for PC:

✅ Hindi and English typing using Devlys010 and Century fonts.

✅ Krutidev010 is almost same as Devlys010 font.

✅ You can Edit and Print Lessons according to your need.

✅ Now you can type using Printed Paper also.

✅ Choose own test-text with Pause/Resume for emergency.

✅ Typing Duration between 1 to 30 minutes without any key.

✅ Total error Detection and Errors Highlighted in saved results.

✅ See, Save and Print your current/previous results.

✅ Interesting Learning with enable/disable sound effects.

✅ Update software from our website using Help menu update link.

✅ Good understandable documentation for users.

✅ Sonma Typing Expert is fully FREEE… for you.



  • Typing variants of course that vary from one minute to a half in time.
  • Interface is primarily developed for students and not professionals.
  • Free access to complete program update.
  • Requires frequently updating.
  • Simple and efficient student layout.
  • It contains pop-up ads
  • computer upgrades are easy to download
  • Gives just one font option.
  • Savable keyboarding courses for any degree of ability.
  • Precision and speed tracking systems.
  • Easy access to progress reports, and results of testing.
  • Option to pause and resume available during keying lessons.

Conclusion on Sonma Typing Expert PC Download for Windows

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Download Sonma Typing Expert on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this extension from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

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