Tongbu Assistant Ver.2.1.0 Free Download for Android, Windows, IOS

Tongbu – Tongbu Assistant is an FREE application developed for handling computer content using the operating systems of IOS and Android. It also helps you to run jailbreak computers without applications and games outside the App Store.


iPhone Manager includes features for installing and deleting applications and games, uploading curated iOS firmware, upgrading software, maintaining media collections, displaying images and making file copies, managing directory hierarchy and sending files to personal devices such as a portable disc.

Tongue FREE Download for Android, Windows & IOS

Tongue Tui Download FREE Download for Android
Tongue Download FREE Download for Windows
Tongue Download FREE Download for IOS

Tongbu Assistant for Windows

Tongbu Assistant lets you handle the content that the IOS and Android Operating Systems use on your mobile devices. It also helps you add new games and software. It has many beneficial features for you to use, such as loading applications and games and deleting them.

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If you need to you can download a custom firmware upgrade and also carry out software upgrades. Managing the media archive and displaying photos using this method is also something that you can do.


If you use this one, you can easily send files to mobile devices as on a portable disc. Through this app, it is also possible to access your contact list, texts and notes. Tongbu Assistant gives you the ability to uninstall them if you have any unwanted files on your IOS device.

What areas of the device can be cleaned can be picked. Browser history can be wiped, software cache deleted and several scripts removed and passwords stored using this application. In addition, you can access an unauthorized store where you can use your phone to download free games and software.

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Tongbu Tui Android

Tongbu Tui is another Android web store that we can resort to as an alternative to Google Play Store and where we can find all kinds of apps.

While hundreds of thousands of apps are available to be downloaded from the Google Play Store almost all is not include in the official Android market. Other markets, such as Tongbu is a Chinese app store are available.

All the content stored into three categories can be found here: Apps, Games & Collections. We can access them to search and download some kind of APK from their subcategories. As a customer, there is no need to sign up but we can do so to retain stricter monitoring of our store operation and to collection personalized reviews.

Tongue for Mac OS

Tongbu Assistant is a wonderful portal on your IOS Device for installing software and games. This was the first programme that was able to repair installed non-working applications bypassing Appstore.

You can also download millions of applications and games for free using Tongbu. Only as desktop app is this IOS manager available and you need to have a PC or Mac to use it.


Key of Features

  • Rich App Resource
    Tongbu Tui has abundant resources with high quality and all of them are free and safe. You can download Google Play Store apps and games from our market.
  • High Speed Download
    Download apps and games
    with high-speed and auto-install after downloaded. It is a high-speed app market and help you to save time.
  • Clean and Unique Interface
    Designed with clean and easy-to-use.


File Name tongbutui_v2.1.0_PCgw_play.apk
File Version 2.1.0
File Size 7.27 MB
System Requirement Android 4.4+
Operating System Windows, IOS & Android
Last Update Jan-19-2017

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Conclusion on Tongue Assistant Software for Windows

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Download Tongue Tui Adroid on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this extension from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on Tongue Tui Download on Notebook!

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