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Online Typesy Typing in a few minutes a daymore typing experience on the chrome store than every other system. It can take you by the hand and lead you to fast sort of contact. Typesy touch typing will help you save energy, render your job more efficient and prevent frustrating RSI.

Typesy Typing

Typesy is the only software that intgrates qualified video guides with computer programming and games which are developed scientifically. It guarantees accurate methodology and making it simple and enjoyable to learn. Typesy is also the leading educational typing system and a school site is accessible on request.

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The Typesy app which supports the special typing program which will boost your typing speed and abilities. In an ever-increasing society of digital platforms, student e-portfolio assignments and digital dissertations have never been greater the requirement in school and the working environment to become more skilled in typing. This Software is free from in-app advertisements and has a one-off payment for home as well as office. Educational organizations and companies will profit from significant incentives for larger-scale usage of the program.

Typesy Review

This typing app incorporates the online Typesy program and is accessible on various systems such as Windows Pc, Mac/iPad and Chrome OS. The Software includes a continuous Wi-Fi connectivity to provide access to the cloud-based application that will synchronize your learning through several devices and start up from where you left off. That means you can install up to five custom programs on any iPad, Desktop or Laptop Computer.

What we love about the Typesy app

Needless to mention, this is definitely one of the strongest pieces of tools to boost your typing skills. Typing program is extremely simple to use and use, so it’s very huge stuff. There were well over 500 events catering for all styles of skills at the time of this Typesy study. We started by setting our goals on the home Dashboard tab. At first we were uncertain about this but used the suggested method which was quite helpful.

Is typesy easy to use?

Yeah, It’s simple to use typesy online. In a clear well-presented interface the Home dashboard shows a range of facts and incentives. Typing Speed and Accuracy can be displayed in the top right and in the bottom right you can display your present performance score. The consumer often gets a snapshot of how many points the next step is down.

In the bottom left, a progress graph of typing speed can be displayed over a specified amount of time whilst the courses can be reached from the top left. It shows three options; courses, play and development. You will display all of these apps in more depth by using the icons in the menu bar above.

After choosing the “Courses” option the user will be given an assortment of choices. These include Novice, Create Accuracy, Construct Speed, Power Speed and Accuracy, Super Speed and Accuracy, Rapid Dictation Typing, Keypad Master, Easy Analysis and Bonus Lessons. All these courses can be accessed at any time, but we urge you to continue with the course Beginners.

The courses provide a variety of basic activities that concentrate on the location of the fingers for left and right hands utilizing the home keys. This is made very easy to understand by virtual keyboard and the typing is intuitive and responsive. We also considered some of the assignments to be too lengthy and tedious stain was evident. This may be of interest to younger users, but we understand that it creates muscle memory.


The course Beginners focuses on sub-themes which include; Top Row Keys, Bottom Row, Shift Keys, Punctuation, Numbers and Symbols. Typesy typing tools and accompanying typing device offers such a broad variety of topics even even it needs some time to learn all of them. We especially like the segment Ergonomics which offers advice on office chairs and seated positions.

typesy typing game

It is a good recommendation for anyone who work at a screen for several hours. Users can also switch between Classic and Interactive menus through videos and tuition to give a guided tour of the tasks. Videos containing many variants of the same direction are non-repetitive.

The “Play” choice offers an assortment of immersive games for the user. Those involve words to dropping, words to rising, emphasis, words to sink and several more. We really like non-keyboard games like Type Man a variant of Pac Man and Sloppy Bird Typing a Flappy Birds edition. Students should consider such games extremely enjoyable when developing muscle memory as well as acquiring essential typing skills. Both games are picturesque, lively and entertaining.

The statistics provided inside the dashboard are where the typesy typing software really comes in for itself. It not only includes precision typing, Speed typing, in-depth analysis. It also offers statistics on the period spent studying. This is a perfect opportunity to keep the students aware of their success. The usage of several school profiles.

typesy typing accuracy

Publisher’s Description

Typesy is the top technology keyboarding programme. Typesy lets you use a real keyboard to practice fast contact typing. It’s uses a combination of guided courses, software and video training to help you touch like a professional.

Features on Typesy

  • Step-by-Step instruction – to help you learn the technique of typing correctly and make learning pleasant.
  • Scientifically designed typing exercises to teach you to type quickly in the shortest time possible.
  • Detailed updates on the Contact Typing Software and you can see the results and how to develop better.
  • Industry-Leading Typing Teacher re-imagined easy-to-use typing tools for a new era.
  • Pleasant Games-Learning to type is easy now with 16 strong games and activities by Typesy.
  • Great for the Entire Family-Typesy support provides profiles for upto five separate users with no additional charges.
  • Print you Certificate – Typesy is the most trusted certification program in the industry.
  • Cloud Computing Read-click every moment, anytime with your IOS, Windows, ChromeOS, Android or iPad.

If you’re a slow typist you need to know something. Slow typists are automatically turned away from many jobs are less efficient at work, make fewer social media friends and often have painful RSIs. When you use machines so the most valuable investment you may make in yourself is learning to contact form.

Benefits of Touch Typing

  • Earn More Money-Qualify for more jobs than you do at present. Many people do a lucrative career to typing.
  • Socialize Online-Experiments reveal that online social networking, quicker forms will connect 2-3 times more effectively.
  • Be upto 63% more effective on the job-your improved fast typing abilities can save you too much time at work, people can be shocked at your performance.
  • The Software is completely web-based, enabling people to access it in class, at home or elsewhere on the internet.

How to Download Typesy Online Typing

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Conclusion on Typesy Online Typing

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Online Typesy Typing Software on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this software from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on Online Typesy Typing Software on Windows.

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