Typing Bolt FREE Online Typing Tutor For PC – 2020

Typing Bolt is your online tutor to help you learn how to type touches with the help of Bolt Al. Bolt Al is the power of out website and it’s the same reason why Typing Bolt is so special.

typing Bolt Keyboard

Bolt is an Artificial Intelligent engine that uses multiple unique algorithm to study typing patterns and track user levels. Using this type-bolt engine may provide each user with a personalized typing course.

Look at your keyboard whilst typing? Opt for this online typing software based on Al and learn to type with your index fingers only.

Use this tutor online to learn touch typing with the help of Bolt Al. Do you wonder what Bolt is? It is an Artificial Intelligent engine that studies pattern typing. A few separate algorithm are used to monitor user rates.

This is one of the best typing software, with a user-customize UI that helps you to type easily without looking at your screen. This smart UI also reflects on which finger each letter should be typed with by the user.

Powered by Bolt Al

Optimized Words For Each User

Bolt Al tests the keystroke dynamics of each software and maintains a detailed analysis of the typing behavior of each device. Based on this data, Bolt Al generates words on this data, Bolt Al generates words which emphasize the weakest keys of the users at a given time. The more difficulty you have with a particular click, the more you’ll typing it.

Automatically Adjusting Difficulty Levels

Bolt type doesn’t use the outdated method of repeating the same letter again and again. Instead, it uses a smart algorithm that gives users real readable and pronounceable words for typing. By analyzing your typing skills, the Bolt Al automatically controls the difficulty of the words. Once the user has reached a specific skill level, the Bolt Al will optimize the words even for high-level users, including special characters.

Smart Adaptive UI

Smart Beginner Friendly UI

The UI contains every single element that a beginner can type without looking at the keyboard. It even shows which finger each letter must be typed with. The virtual keyboard that is active guides a beginner by showing which character to type. At the same time, a professional typist would even be able to configure the user interface.

Real Time Analytics Reports

Real-time output statistics are changed for every single sentence you write. The graphic depiction of your success lets you appreciate your current level of ability and is also a encouragement to continue trying to produce better results.

Typing Bolt Certificate


Download as PDF

You would be able to obtain an achievement certificate from your personal profile page once you hit the advanced standard. You will give employers or consumers this Badge. This will certify you are concerned about your skills and are a disciplined person.

Go ahead and practice and download your touch typing certificate.

How to Type

Step 1:- Place your hands in Home Position

Typing Bolt Step 2

It is like this that the fingertips will rest on the buttons. Upon each keystroke return to this position.

Step 2:- Follow Keyboard scheme

Practice daily. Focus on accuracy, then speed. You’ll quickly type in like a pro.

Step 3:- Never look at the Keyboard

Practice daily. Focus on accuracy then speed. You’ll quickly type in like a pro.

How to check Typing Bolt Official Site


How to type Increase Typing Check this Video


  • Bolt Al measures the dynamics of your keystrokes. Additionally it understands the pattern of your typing. Based on that analysis, at a given time, Bolt Al generates words that emphasize more on your weakest keys.
  • Additionally, Bolt Al dynamically monitors complexity levels by testing the typing abilities.
  • Only display a graphical overview of your success that will help you appreciate your current level of competence and the areas you need to improve in for improved results.


  • The only hitch is that in axial tension the Bolted connection has a slightly less force. This is because there’s less net area at thread root.

Conclusion on FREE Online Typing Tutor

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Typing Bolt FREE Online on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this software from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on Typing Bolt FREE Online on Windows.


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