Typing Tutor 6 Free Download for PC Windows 11 64 bit – Old Version 2024

Typing Tutor 6 is a good program for typist improve, but experienced typists looking to increase their speed may be frustrated by the program’s interface. The program contains a series of lessons that scroll across the screen as the user types.

Typing Tutor 6

Users can choose from lessons consisting of letters, syllables, capital letters, digital and symbols or text. As each lesson scrolls across, a keyboard diagram shows an outline of hands moving to the appropriate key. Users type through each lesson and are then shown their scores on speed, accuracy and arrhythmic input. The main problem with the interface is that experienced typists tend to scan ahead in the text they’re typing from, focusing on words or phrases lather than individual letters.

Typing Tutor 6 Software Free Download for Windows

Typing Tutor 6

Typing Tutor 6 allows users to see no more than a few characters ahead. And since the speed of the scroll depends on the speed of the typist, those who are already fairly quick may find that the blur of text flying across the screen is hard to process visually.

Typing Tutor 6

Users who are just getting familiar with the keyboard layout likely won’t be bothered by this, but they may grow increasingly frustrated as their speed increases.

In general the interface could be more intuitive, but most users should be able to figure it out. Users can create lessons, but it doesn’t seem possible to cut and paste text from elsewhere into a new lesson, which is disappointing installation and un-installation are trouble-free.

System Requirements for Windows®:

  • 486/25 Mhz or faster
  • 4 MB RAM
  • Hard drive with 3 MB free
  • Windows® 3.1 or Windows® 95
  • Standard (QWERTY) or Dvorak keyboard
  • 2X CD-ROM drive or faster

System Requirements for Macintosh:

  • Mac LC or higher
  • 12″ color monitor or larger
  • Hard drive with 2.5 MB free
  • System 6.0.8 or higher (System 7 and 7.1 compatible)
  • Standard (QWERTY) keyboard

Conclusion on Typing Tutor 6 for Windows

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