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AllMacWorld is one of the best and reliable websites to download the Mac Apps with just a single click as most of other websites provides limited download speed, not secure downloads. This website lead you to correct allmacworld site.

All Mac World

Most of the Mac users are so much curious about their privacy and security. We respect your privacy and security so we created this domain to inform you about the content that was previously on is now on

Why Choose AllMacWorld (Is safe)?

Yes, if you avoid any similar names i.e. some phishing websites and download your apps only from then you are completely safe. As previously mentioned, all the files are individually tested on virtual machines to check the files before they are uploaded and served for downloading.

What kind of apps are there on

Some of the most popular and widely used apps are available for downloading. And most importantly, all these apps are safe and already tested. Some of the common apps for Mac are:
Adobe Photoshop 2023 for Mac
Adobe Illustrator 2023 for Mac
Logic Pro X
Final Cut Pro X

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