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T7 Gaming Mouse Software Free Download Windows 32-Bit & 64-Bit – The T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Driver Software Download is all about in this article. You can Download T7 Gaming Mouse Software onto your computer here on this page. T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Software Download Links is available in this post given below in this paragraph.

T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Software

Picket T7 Gaming Mouse Software Download is the one of the best Gaming Mouse for PC (Laptop / Desktop) users for Windows, Mac OS & Linux OS. Pictek t7 Gaming Mouse Software Download Download supported on Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 compatible with (32-Bit & 64-Bit) or Mac OS X.

T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Driver Software Download

Pictek T7 Gaming Mouse

PICTEK Gaming Mouse, Entry-level Ergonomic Optical Computer Mouse. 【4 DPI ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS】800 / 1000 / 1600 / 2400 DPI. Easily adjust DPI button to instantly match mouse speed to different gaming scenarios with a one-press button on top… $9.99.

Rapid movement set your mouse with 7200 dpi to gain the advantages over your opponents and command the speed and sensitivity accurately.

T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Software

You can also adjust the dpi with two buttons and the light color will indicate which dpi it is (in default): 1200dpi flashes red, 2400dpi flashes blue, 3500dpi flashes green, 5500dpi flashes purple, 7200dpi flashes blue. Fancy &cool LED light 16 million color options for the backlight setting. 5 default colors, other colors need to be set by installing software.

You can personalize the color for the dpi as you like. Programmable buttons there are 7 buttons on the mouse. All of the buttons can be set for different functions after installing software.

You can also personalize your mouse to fit you special needs with the macro editing function. High precision four polling rate is adjustable: 125hz, 250hz, 500hz, 1000hz, polling rate ensures smooth and high-speed movement, enjoy games.

T7 Wired Gaming Mouse

The Pictek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse is what one would expect from a gaming mouse – a high-sensitivity sensor, seven buttons, assignable sensitivity levels, RGB lighting and adjustable polling rates. It support DPI Levels 1200/ 2400/ 3500/ 5500/ 7200 dpi.

Moving to the front of the PicTek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse, the single-piece surface used for the left and right triggers is visible, as is the protrusion of the forward and rear buttons.

Pictek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Software

The Pictek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Software has all the features you could want in a good mouse. It allows you to assign up to three button modes and five profiles. This is an excellent option for a gaming mouse if you want to customize its behavior.

The PicTek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse is compatible with many different android devices. It supports the Linksys 2 0 wireless routers, the Zuk Z2131 wireless router, and the E Ps4 4 55 tablets. In addition, it supports the Jurassic Universal Android Tool V 6 o 0 for Windows and Mac.

Features of T7 Gaming Mouse

  • 7200 DPI 5 levels adjustable programmable RGB gaming mice, default five dpi levels available from 1200/2400/3500/5500/7200 dpi. With two dpi button, you can adjust the dpi easily to get high accuracy and consistent responsiveness at any speed. Excellent PC and laptop gaming mouse
  • 4 polling rate levels available the pointer speed, scroll speed and double speed can be changed via software. Usb high-speed transmission technology, up to 1000hz makes it faster and more accurate than ordinary mouse. And you can switch the polling rate from 125hz to 1000hz for your preference. (125/250/500/1000HZ)
  • All mouse buttons are programmable support macro editing, 7 mouse buttons can be programmed by installing software which makes the mouse more intelligent and meets more demands for different games. (driver disk included) great value and control fps gaming mouse, exvellent for moba/rts games
  • Fancy cool RGB LED light 16 million color options for the backlight setting to match your style and environment. With ABS materials, intricate polish manufacturing processes and meticulous assembly the functional reliability of the mouse for years. (20 million times keystroke test and perform well. )
  • Wide compatibility and hassle-less warranty compatible with windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, windows xp, vista, Linux. ( no programming function for mac system. ) at pictek, not only we provide products, we back them up with 18-month warranty

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is T7 Mouse developed by Pictek?

Yes, Pictek is one of the companies that manufacture a T7 gaming mouse. They offer both wired and wireless versions of the T7 gaming mouse.

Does T7 Gaming Mouse need Software?

Yes, The T7 gaming mouse typically comes with customizable buttons, DPI settings, and RGB lighting, which can be adjusted using the software. If you want to program macros or customize the mouse buttons, you will need to use the software.

What is the function of T7 Gaming Mouse?

The T7 gaming mouse is designed specifically for gaming and provides several features that can enhance the gaming experience.

Here are some of the key functions of the T7 gaming mouse:

  1. High DPI
  2. Programmable Buttons
  3. RGB Lighting
  4. Ergonomic Design

Is T7 Gaming Mouse supports on Windows 11?

Yes, T7 gaming mice are designed to be compatible with Windows 11, along with other operating systems like Windows 10, 8 and 7, as well as macOS.

How many buttons in T7 Gaming Mouse?

T7 gaming mice typically have 6-7 programmable buttons, including the left and right mouse buttons, a clickable scroll wheel, and additional buttons on the side of the mouse that can be programmed to perform specific functions or macros.

Conclusion on T7 Gaming Mouse Software for PC

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I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this extension from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

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