Aadhar Card Download by Fingerprint Software for PC【2022】

Aadhaar Card is a unique number that gives identity to every citizen of India. It was first introduced in January 2009. The unique identity number is used to avail any government financial scheme, obtain a passport and driver’s license, open a bank account, file income tax returns.

Aadhaar Card Download by Fingerprint for PC Windows 10
Aadhaar Card Download by Fingerprint for PC Windows 10

Aadhaar Number

The Unique Identification (Aadhaar) Number gives individuals the means to clearly establish their identity to public and private agencies across the country. Three key characteristics of Aadhaar Number are:

  • Permanency (Aadhaar number remains same during lifetime of the person).
  • Uniqueness (one Aadhaar holder has one ID and no two Aadhaar holders have same ID).
  • Global (same identifier can be used across applications and domains).

Aadhaar Number is provided during the initiation process called enrolment where his/her demographic and biometric information are collected and uniqueness of the provided data is established through a process called de-duplication. Post de-duplication, an Aadhaar Number is issued and a letter is sent to Aadhaar holder informing the details.

Aadhaar Authentication at a Glance

Aadhaar authentication is the process wherein Aadhaar Number, along with other attributes, including biometrics, are submitted online to the Aadhaar system for its verification on the basis of information or data or documents available with it. During the authentication transaction, the resident’s record is first selected using the Aadhaar Number and then the demographic/biometric inputs are matched against the stored data which was provided by the resident during enrolment/update process.

For latest documentation on Aadhaar authentication, see http://authportal.uidai.gov.in

Biometric Devices

Biometric Devices means the devices that are used for capturing the biometric data inputs i.e. Fingerprint / Iris / both the information from Aadhaar number holders. These biometric devices fall under two categories viz. Discrete Devices, Integrated Devices.

Discrete Devices: These type of devices refer to the class of biometric devices (Fingerprint/IRIS) that require connectivity to a host device such as PC/Laptop/Micro ATM etc.

Integrated Devices: The integrated devices have the sensor integrated into the device package i.e. phone/tablet etc.

The form factors in which biometric devices may be deployed includes:

  • Hand-Held / PoS Device such as MicroATMs, attendance devices.
  • USB device connected to PC.
  • Mobile phone with biometric sensor.
  • Kiosks such as ATMs, MNREGA job request kiosks

Requesting Entities may choose appropriate authentication type (FP/Iris in case of biometric modality) based on their service delivery needs, nature of service, volume of transactions, desired accuracy levels and risk factors associated with their service delivery. Once the modality is chosen as Fingerprint/Iris/a combination of both/multi-factor authentication involving OTP along with biometrics (FP/Iris/Both), the requesting entity can leverage the published list of certified device suppliers (as highlighted in the website link above) for the purpose of procurement of certified biometric devices (Fingerprint/Iris).

UIDAI Requires that only registered devices should be used by all Authentication Eco partners.

“Registered Devices” refer to devices that are registered with Aadhaar system for encryption key management. Aadhaar authentication server can individually identify and validate these devices and manage encryption keys on each registered device.

  • Device identification – every physical sensor device having a unique identifier allowing device authentication, traceability, analytics and fraud management.
  • Eliminating use of stored biometrics – every biometric record is processed and encrypted within the secure zone eliminating transmission of unencrypted biometric from sensor to host machine.

Biometric Device Certification

All biometric devices used for authentication shall be certified as required and as per the specifications issued, by the Authority from time to time for this purpose.

Aadhaar Card Download by UCL/ECMP Software

If you want to Aadhaar Card download by fingerprint software for PC Windows 10, you must first have Download Aadhaar UCL or Aadhaar ECMP Softwarewhich can be easily downloaded from the government public domain, and then you can download your Aadhaar Card using this Aadhaar Card download by fingerprint software for PC.

Aadhaar Card Download by Fingerprint for PC Windows 10
Aadhaar Card Download by Fingerprint for PC Windows 10

The Biometric Device/Machine will use this software to look up the Aadhaar Card enrollment number. You may obtain your Aadhaar Card from the website using that enrolment number.

Then you are not provided the Aadhaar registration at the time of the Aadhaar Card, however you can simply download Aadhaar with the assistance of this information, so let’s learn about Aadhaar Card Download by Fingerprint Software for PC.

Aadhaar Card Download by Fingerprint Software for PC (Follow these steps)

  • After first registering the software, you can run this software.
  • Once the software is open, Go to the right corner and click on the option of “Aadhaar Print“.
  • After clicking on print basis, you will have to fill “Your Name, PIN Code, Father Name etc.” information.
  • After filling the information, you click on the “Print Basis” and you thumb put the “Finger Print (Biometric Device)“.
  • After this you will be seen processing and your Aadhar Card will be downloaded in “PDF“.
  • So you get your Aadhaar Card from the “C Drive” and Open it by entering the “PIN Code” and successfully print it.
  • Click on the Photo Below and watch the full video.

Key of Features:

  • Government oriented software.
  • Secure and encrypted software.
  • No third-party influence.
  • Ease to operate.
  • Computer requirements are up to the mark.
  • Only biometric can pull out your Aadhar Card details.
  • Provides faster and convenient way.

Conclusion on Aadhaar Card Download for Windows

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Download Aadhaar Card Download by Biometric Machine on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this extension from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on Aadhaar Card Download by Fingerprint software on Notebook!

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