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LEAP Office 2000 is not just a Leap Office that is setup in a hosting environment. It’s a newly written programme that uses the industry standard SQL database. The LEAP Office non-cloud uses a 4D folder.

Leap Office 2000

The LEAP Office cloud programme must be mounted on every local device that uses it. A locally installed word desktop is also required and the application is only running in a Windows environment.

Leap Office 2000 Free Download for Windows

What is Leap Office 2000?

Leap Office is a legal practice management programme that offers an unmatched convergence of the different roles undertaken in a small law firm.

All the work that the customer wants to do is tracked and reported in a single management framework. So, that  he and his team can only work on “one version of the truth”. Through putting together correspondence, records and accounting under a centralized structure.

The customer will benefit from substantial increase in efficiency as a result of the Leap Office 2000 legal experience. Finding and sorting problems on the start screen has become more natural. The lengthy list of forms of matter has been reorganized into major divisions as well as sub-branches.

Odia Indian Language Software

LEAP Office 2000 is a full programme for office applications in Indian Language. It was created in partnership with Mithi.com Pvt. Ltd (earlier Men at Work). This is the most sophisticated kit in the LEAP product line.

Leap Office Download 2000 has a range of features that makes it incredibly convenient to use Indian Languages. It offers a range of methods to boost the productivity of the customer. This include multilingual Spell Checker, keyboard shortcuts. Scan and Replace, Web Keyboards and Official Language dictionaries.

Leap Office 2000

Leap Office 2000 has well embraced emerging technology such as the Internet. It contains the facility to send an e-mail to the Indian Language without going to a different publisher. Creating WebPages using Leap Office is as easy as creating any other text.

Cultural intelligence is incorporated into Download Leap Office for Windows 7 on several fronts so that at every given instance. It’s possible to know in which language the individual is functioning.

The multilingual spellchecker makes an intelligent decision to check the spelling of the text according to the script. Official language dictionaries are useful for official language terminology.

Features of Leap Office 2000:

✅ Very easy user interface.

✅ Online Active Keyboard style for those who don’t know how to type Multilingual Controller.

✅ Direct e-mail service in Indian Languages.

✅ The facility to render websites in Indian Languages.

✅ Dictionary of Synonyms.

✅ Official Dictionaries of Languages.

✅ Bilingual fonts that allow fast switching between Indian and English scripts in other Windows applications.

✅ Seamless file exchange from LEAP Office 2000 to other Windows based Software.

✅ Extensive support at different stages makes it possible for a new user to get to know each other very easily.

✅ Option of the keyboard style.


  • File Size:- 45 MB
  • File Name:- Leap_Office_2020.exe
  • Operating System:- Windows Supported

Minimum System Requirements

  • RAM:- 4 GB
  • ROM:- 500 GB
  • Processor:- Intel Pentium IV
  • Operating System:- Windows Supported

How to Install Leap Office 2000 on your PC?

Step 1: Click to “Download” button in above then automatically downloading start now.

Step 2: Run “Leap Office 2000” on your PC.

Step 3: Click to “Next” button for continue install.

Leap Office 2000

Step 4: Please scroll for accept all the terms of the agreement then Click “Yes” button.

Leap Office 2000

Step 5: Please Enter your name and the name of the company for whom you work then click “Next” button.

Leap Office 2000

Step 6: To install to this folder, click “Next”. To install to a different folder, click “Browse” and select another folder.

Leap Office 2000

Step 7: Please select one or more languages from the list then click “Next” button.

Leap Office 2000

Step 8: Finally, Leap Office 2000 has been successfully installed on your system. Click “Finish” to exit Setup.

Leap Office 2000

Conclusion on Leap Office 2000 Download on your Windows!

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Leap Office Latest Version on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this software from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on How to Download Leap Office 2000!

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