How to Get a Vehicle Skins in PUBG Mobile! (100% Guaranteed 2023)

Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds has been one of the most ground breaking games of all time. Here, I provided you How to get a vehicle Skins in PUBG Mobile. The thing which makes a player so much attached to the game is that it does not get monotonous or bogus just like other games. If you can also check out AVS Photo Editor Software Free Download.

Tencent regularly updates its game in form of seasons and currently. The 13th season of the game is underway and it also has some dope skins of vehicle and weapons. The thing is for having those skins you will have to purchase the Royal Pass on PUBG which will cost you some bucks.

We are here to give you a chance to have all those skins of vehicle or guns which you like.

Method 1:- Follow the Rules for Get Free Royal Pass

So, let’s get started on the trick-

  • Open Playstore app.
  • Search “Turbo VPN” or “Any VPN” in the searvh bara.
  • Open VPN app Turbo VPN.
  • Set the Location to Taiwan or Germany and Click on connect.
  • Now open PUBG Mobile.
  • Now click on the inventory section.
  • Make sure you are connected to any one of the servers mentioned above.
  • Use your Coupons to open the Classic or Premium Crates.
  • Enjoy!
PUBG Car Skin Free

Here, We are recommending you to connect to the servers of Taiwan or Germany. Because of the number of players available in these regions is very low as compared to the region Asia. So, for luring users into playing the game there is a very high chance that they will give some dope skins on your account.

Now you will definitely get a Vehicle Skin or a Weapon Skin and some sliver frags. also that you can use to buy skins of weapons absolutely free. This trick will only work for those countries that have less PUBG Mobile players as the chance of getting rare items will also get increased.

Method 2: How to Get a Vehicle Skins in PUBG Mobile?

There are several ways to get free vehicle skins in PUBG Mobile. Here are some of the most common methods:

  1. Events and giveaways: Keep an eye out for events and giveaways hosted by PUBG Mobile. They often offer free vehicle skins as prizes or rewards.
  2. Royale Pass: The Royale Pass is a seasonal subscription that offers various rewards, including vehicle skins. Completing daily and weekly missions can help you level up and unlock these rewards for free.
  3. Achievements: Some achievements in PUBG Mobile offer free vehicle skins as rewards. Keep track of the achievements and try to complete them to earn these skins.
  4. In-game currency: You can use the in-game currency (UC or Unknown Cash) to buy vehicle skins. Although UC is not free, you can earn it by completing certain missions or by participating in events.
  5. Codes: Occasionally, PUBG Mobile releases codes that players can redeem for free rewards, including vehicle skins. Keep an eye out for these codes and use them quickly as they often have limited time validity.

Conclusion on How to Get a Vehicle Skins in BGMI Mobile!

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At last, I hope you liked this post on How to Get a Vehicle Skin in PUBG Mobile!

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