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Rotate a PDF – Best Online Tools

If you want to rotate a PDF file in any direction, be it 90, 180, 270 degrees, or clockwise/anticlockwise, you can do that using some tools. Here, in this article are the top 3 best online tools that you can use for free to rotate any PDF file.


In 2PDF, all the rotation process is done online. There is no need for a setup; it is considered one of the best online tools to rotate a PDF and other purposes. It takes only a few seconds, and is easy to access. It is a user-friendly tool. There are 10 main features of 2PDF, that can combine to give the best result and fulfill all your needs and requirements. It is a super secured online tool, that is free of cost, and lets you modify your PDF to your liking. If you want to crop, merge, rotate, unlock, or convert your PDF, 2PDF is the one for you. Its main features are;

  • It can convert files to PDF
  • It can convert PDF to word, etc.
  • It can extract pages, and rearrange them.
  • It can merge pages.
  • It can rotate any PDF
  • It can also unlock PDFs and remove passwords.
  • It protects files

This is the reason why it is known to be the best even in the top lists. It has covered every little aspect that a user might have a problem with, like changing a file from PDF, or to PDF.


Smallpdf is also one of the best online tools for easily rotting a PDF file. It is also free of cost, and you don’t need to worry about viruses. You can rotate your file from 90 to 180, or 270 degrees easily, be it in a clockwise direction or in an anticlockwise direction. It has also beneficial features like:

  • It can easily convert a PDF file into original editable content.
  • All of your files and their data is secured, with the encryption 256-bit SSL
  • You can easily code and decode any PDF file.
  • This is a portable and lightweight tool.
  • It has specific page ranges in which you can easily rotate the PDFs to your liking.


PDFsam is considered one of the best and most secure online tools for PDF modifications including rotating a PDF online free. You can edit, merge, rotate or do anything else that you want using this. You can convert or print your PDF files into txt, png, bmg, tif, tiff, jpeg, and gif. It has many features like:

  • It can rotate, zoom in/out PDF files.
  • It supports 20+ different languages.
  • You can use it on different devices like Linux, Windows etc. Using version 8 of javafx.
  • Your PDFs are secured here and are anti-virus proof.
  • It is a standalone online tool.

Q1: how to rotate a PDF from PDF.

This question of how to rotate a PDF from PDF is commonly asked, and here is its answer. You can rotate a PDF by opening it in the acrobat, or any other online tool that you are using. Click on the tool ‘organize pages’ by going into the option ‘tools’. It is present in the right pane. Now choose the organisation tool as ‘pages to rotate’. Now you can easily rotate your page, once done click on save PDF.


This article has the top 3 online tools for the modification of PDF files, but if you want to know the best in these, then in my opinion you should use It is honestly the best, and the easiest to use. Do give it a try and tell us what you think of it.

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