Importance Of Anonymity In The Social Media Age

There is no denying that social media is one of the phenomena that most impact the human race these days. According to research, there are approximately four billion social media users in the world today. By users, we just do not mean people who use social media to make a post a day. Research says that the average user spends more than two hours on social platforms each and every day. Delving into that figure a bit deeper, we see that we spend more around half of our free time on these kinds of platforms: take out one hour for commute, one hour for food, one hour for getting ready, eight hours for sleep, and eight hours for work and you are left with five hours in a day. Just to calm you down and make the above figures more believable for you, the exponential growth of social media usage is due to the ease of accessibility of the internet these days. Services of the likes of Xfinity internet provide coverage to millions reliably.

During an era when social media has such a massive role to play in our lives, it only makes sense that different aspects of it are being talked about a lot. While some think about the negative and positive effects of social media, others deliberate on how money can be made through various social platforms. Yet another section of the population wonders how beneficial anonymity is to social media users. If you are one of the people belonging to the latter section of the population, know that there is no better place for you to be than here. We say this with this much confidence because we know what is coming below: an exploration of the importance of anonymity in the social media age.

Voice For The Voiceless

There are many suppressive regimes in the world. From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is not difficult to see the massive amount of damage dictators and their regimes can do to the world. Fortunately, there are many things the world community can do besides following Lindsey Graham’s suggestions of assassinating Putin. One of the ways is to help organizers within Russia to spread the word about Putin’s atrocities and the protests they are organizing against the dictator. Right now, if they communicate this kind of anti-Putin messaging through social media, their name will come right next to it. Putin can (and probably has) severely damage(d) these suppressed organizers who deserve all our support. Furthermore, the damage being done to these people will further discourage other people from organizing against the government.

Let us now decipher what would happen if social media authorities change their policies to allow for anonymous posting. Vladimir Putin and his cronies would not be able to negatively impact any of the social media influencers against them because guess what? The government would not even know who these influencers are! Once others around these influencers will see that these influencers are getting away with not only criticizing but also organizing against the dictatorial regime, they too will become more active in raising their voices. This will hopefully start a cycle where the suppressive regime will be forced to resign, let alone stop its atrocities. Don’t believe us? Let us give you an example from the past. The Arab Spring of 2011, where many dictators, including Muamar Gadaffi, President of Libya, and Hosni Mubarak, President of Egypt, were overthrown by the very people they were suppressing, is known to have been made possible because of social media.

Ideas Ideas Everywhere

Anonymity on social media will not only help people suppressed by oppressive regimes; it will also help people in developed democracies. This is because many people do not feel confident enough to express their ideas on social media as they fear being judged by others.

“What if my idea is ridiculous and all my friends screenshot my post with my name on it and save it on their phones? This will lead to embarrassment my whole life!”

Just imagine how the world would change if social media users are allowed to post anonymously. So many brilliant ideas that were previously stuck in the minds of undiscovered genii will come to the surface. This will not only better the lives of the genii but also everyone else in the world. After all, a single idea of creating a social media platform changed the lives of billions globally!


We are optimistic that this article has helped you realize how important anonymity is in the social media age.

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