Michigan Rummy Rules : How to Play Michigan Rummy

Michigan Rummy three-dimensional revolving playing board, a regular deck of cards and chips or counters. The Michigan Rummy board consists of nine sections. WINNING PAY CARDS are indicated next to each section on the board. The round center section is the Michigan Rummy Pot.

Michigan Rummy
Michigan Rummy

Michigan Rummy which is also known as Boodle is a very popular Card game. One of the most Frequently Asked Questions is many people don’t know how to Play Michigan Rummy as they tend to confuse it’s rules with the rules of other card games style like Tripoley or 3 in 1. You can also check out Mobile PhoneTool Amazon.

Pressman Michigan Rummy

Pressman Michigan Rummy: The Perfect Blend of Rummy and Poker for an Entirely New Game Experience.

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This game blends the classic gameplay of rummy and poker to form an entirely new experience! This iconic set includes 96 playing chips, a 14″ swivel plastic playing board and instructions. For 3 and 8 players, ages 8 and up.

Michigan Rummy
Michigan Rummy
  • Classic gameplay allows multiple players to participate.
  • Blends rummy and poker for a unique game experience.
  • High-quality materials.
  • A great addition to your game collection.
  • For 3-8 players, ages 8 and up.
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Game Contents:

  • 14 inch  Diameter sturdy plastic dimensional playing board.
  • 96 colorful plastic chips.
  • Complete instructions.

The term Michigan Rummy may also refer to an unrelated game, very similar to the Canadian Rummoli (both sharing traits with the much older Poch), involving a playing board, chips, and accumulated pots that are awarded to players who play certain cards.


With elements of rummy (cards played in sequence) and poker (chips!), Michigan Rummy will appeal to fans of both games. In begin a game, each player puts a chip in each of ninehigan compartments in the plastic game board. Seven of the compartments are identified with a bonus card. When that card is played during the game, the holder of the card wins the corresponding chips. A deck of cards is completely dealt at the beginning of the game.


Cards are played by suit, with the first player playing the lowest card in the their hand. Play moves to any player who has the next card in the suit and continues until no plays are left. Play then moves to another suit. The object of the game is to discard all cards while collecting bonus chips. If a bonus isn’t collected in one game, the chips remain in the compartment and are carried over to the next game. The center compartment is won by the first player to empty their hand.

The Poker Pool is won by the player with the best poker hand at the end of the game. Card deck not included.

Michigan Rummy Rules

How to Play Michigan Rummy?

The Player to the left of the dealer plays first. He can play any suit but must play the lowest card in that suit in his hand.

The player holding the next highest card in sequence in the same suit plays it and soon, until the sequence is halted either by the “Ace” or by a Card in the dummy hand.

When the sequence ends, the player who made the last move begins the next series by discarding the lowest card in a suit of the opposite color of the last sequence. If he has no such card the turn passes to the left.

Spades of 10
Spades of 10

Example: A player played the black ten of spades. The sequence was halted because the Jack of Spades was in the dummy hand.

The same player, therefore, started a new sequence by leading his red three of hearts.

If by chance this player and no other player had a red card in their hands, the play returns to the first player who may then play a card of the same color.

Difference Between Michigan Rummy and Tripoli?

The other major difference is that the 6-7-8 space from Rummy Royal is replaced with a 8-9-10 space in Tripoley. In Tripoley you also don’t have to change between red and black for each set as you only have to change the suit from the previous set of cards.

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