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You must have heard of a Janampatri in your life, at least once. Still do you know what powers Janampatri’s pages carry for you? This lets you unveil your abilities and what you should do. You can get a more comprehensive overview of your history, present and future with Janampatri’s help.



Your Birth horoscope is a mirror to life and its proper study will help you quickly and happily reach your destination. Not only this but Janam Kundli or Horoscope plays a very important role in marriages by date of birth. The two-person Janampatri is matched to test the compatibility. It also reveals your growth opportunities and the best timing for your most significant moves. Study of the birth chart can be your valuable guide when choosing your career, When making business decisions or when choosing your life partner.


What is Janampatri?

Janampatrika or Janampatri means one’s birth chart which tells everything about the location of the planets, stars and zodiac signs according to the native’s birth information of the planets, stars and zodiac signs according to the native’s birth information. Birth map is spread around 12 houses with different signs and planets. Such rooms, focused on the location of signs and planets provide an in-depth study of your attributes, attitude disposition, strengths and weakness.


How Janampatri is Useful?

Today, We’re all trying to achieve simple life achievements such as higher education, Job development, financial stability, finding true love, happy married life. A Janampatri lets us pick the best and make important moves. It gives us critical timelines such as fine, great, mediocre, difficult with regard to various areas of life.

When is it important to have?

At the time of making important decisions in the different stages of life, Janampatri is significant, such as choosing a suitable field in education, right career path, compatible life partner or investing in land. You can also use it to prepare for difficult time & optimize for a specific area of life on an excellent time period.

FREE Janampatri Online

Joining Janam Kundli Online now is only one click away! FREE Janam Kundli will make your job simpler and eventually help you live a life of prosperity. All you need to do is fill in your birth information, such as date of birth, birthplace and click the submit button. This it!! And get Janam Kundli Online.


Ever wondered what’s going on with your Life? Why are you doing just that? And so forth. Then let us remind you that all of these things depend on the location of the planets at the time of your birth, from the decisions you take to the emotions you experience. And, this is where Janam Kundli plays a key role. Your FREE Janam Kundli is an example of how planetary energy influences how you behave, how you feel and the decisions you make each day.

In astrology every planet represents a different set of characteristics and qualities. They bring their own special energies with them too. At the time of your birth, Janam Kundli or Janampatri is a graphical representation of planets. It provides you with a detailed review of your features, attitude, temperament, strengths and weaknesses.


Life is uncertain and we are all always trying to find ways to deal with those uncertainties. Janam Kundli is the first step you take in that direction. With Janampatri’s help, you can get a larger overview of your life.

In addition, your FREE birth chart review will provide you with an valuable message about important life areas and birth promise. So Kundli Online is just what you need to get the most out of the powers you were born with! Therefore, Your Janampatri is an excellent tool for getting a glimpse of how planets influence your luck. It’s your life’s history and a guide of how your future is going to be.

Moreover, You can also do a thorough review with the aid of online Janam Kundli and get insight into a profession, economy, relationship etc. You do get the details about your history, your present and your future. These can even warn you about your life’s future obstacles, so you can make the right decision. It helps in discovering the true ability. You will also know your happy stars, happy days, lucky colors and lucky numbers. By date of birth, your horoscope will inform you about the most opportune and unfavorable time periods of your life of advance.

Benefits on Janampatri

Personalized Analysis:
Together with your Kundli, our professional astrologers use their expertise to create a customized Janampatri that is all about you. You can work on your weakness in this way and become a better person and also develop your personality.

Future Ready:
This gives you insights into things that are likely to occur, so that you can always be prepared and plan accordingly. It also gives you a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of life, such as money, love, marriage, employment, family and relationships.

Solutions and Remedies:
Your Janampatri will give you quick, easy-to-follow and cost-effective remedies such as mantras, jaap, quick donations and fasting. It helps reduce the impact on a person’s natal chart of malefic planetary influences, further harnessing the meanings ruled by the beneficial planets.

By merging astrological knowledge and technology, we undertake NASA data analysis in order to have the utmost precision in your JanamPatrika.

Smarter Decisions:
The report from Janampatri empowers you to make better decisions and excell in all facets of life-married life, work, marriage, economy, education etc.

Here for you
For anything you have in your mind about the Janampatri report-doubts, questions or curiosities. We will always be here to help you. Email Us on support@ganeshaspeaks.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is with GaneshaSpeaks.com?
    In 2003, Bejan Daruwalla launched GaneshaSpeaks as a leader in more than one way. It is worldwide a leading hub for Astrology Content & Service. The company now boasts an incredible range of products, service and brands going and coming.
  • What is the advantage of buying on GaneshaSpeaks.com?
    The team of astrologers at GaneshaSpeaks was personally trained and nurtured by the venerable astrologer Shri Bejan Daruwalla and was also proclaimed as the official successors of the astrological legacy of Shri Daruwalla. Our experts are highly Accurate in their predictions and have assisted more than 50,000,000 clients since 2003.
  • Which exactly is Astrology?
    Astrology is the most thorough way of figuring out who you really are and who you want to become? Astrology is a natural psychological companero. If psychology is known as soul study, then astrology is soul study through star language.
  • Can Janampatri adjust to improve my future?
    Yes, We believe in proactive action and certainly not recommend that you resign yourself to destiny. Although the end result remains entirely in your hands, our study, recommendations and strategies will help you mitigate ill-influences and take better-calculated decisions.
  • Does it keep my personal details confidential?
    Totally Yes! All data of our client are kept private at 100%. We don’t give anyone customer information come what may.

How to goes to Janampatri Official Sites

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Conclusion on FREE Janampatri Online

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I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this software from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on FREE Janampatri Online  on Windows.

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