Online Kuttipencil | Kuttipencil Manglish to Malayalam Typing – 2023

Searching for a translator from Manglish to Malayalam? Or Online Software for Malayalam typing? I’m offering a method here, most of them will be acquainted with it. is a tool and font translator for online Malayalam typing.


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How to use Kuttipencil?

You can conveniently type Malayalam Online using the Kuttipencil keyboard layout without downloading a third-party keyboard. Five keyboard formats, including Inscript, Typewriter, Panchari, GIST and Varityper Phonetic, support this online web application. On Mac and Ubuntu, this web application also makes it easy to type Malayalam.

There are five keyboard layouts, as I described above. Pick the one you want. Using Manglish to Malayalam Keyboard if you are not familiar with the above keyboard layouts.

Kuttipencil is an educational platform designed for children to learn and engage with various subjects. Here are the steps to use Kuttipencil:

  1. Visit the Kuttipencil website ( on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Create an account by signing up with your email address or Google account.
  3. Once you have signed up, you can browse through the different categories such as Math, Science, English, and General Knowledge.
  4. Choose the topic you want to learn and select the appropriate age group.
  5. Kuttipencil offers interactive learning tools such as videos, quizzes, and games to help children learn and retain the material better.
  6. Complete the learning activities and track your progress by earning points and badges.
  7. You can also invite friends and family to join Kuttipencil and compete against them in various challenges.

How to Convert English to Malayalam Converter?

Using Google Translator, If you want to convert Manglish to Malayalam. To get into Malayalam, all you need to do is just type and click the Space bar. The Google Transliterate API is used by Kuttipencil to translate English to Malayalam. And you don’t want somewhere to go!

It’s very easy to use this Online Manglish to Malayalam tool; You can translate the necessary text in a few measures. The real software developer is undisclosed. FML Sequence Copy 3. I recognize that at any moment. I may revoke my consent.

In addition, a few more options were included, such as spell checking, uploading and copying script, saving text to online storage, submitting to your address.

Follow to Steps

How to Convert Unicode into ML/FML Series?

The text you’ve typed using this method will be in the format of Unicode. It can be used for emails and MS Word. However, If you need to type Malayalam in Photoshop, You need to convert it to the ML/FML series first.

  • You will see a button at the top of the web application, named “Convert”.
  • To transform your content into the ML or FML Series, Click on it.


  • A basic interface for Mac, Linux and Ubuntu and a fast Malayalam typing tool.
  • Options for storing, posting, writing and streaming.
  • Malayalam Dictionary: Spellchecker and English.
  • Unicode Convert style for the ML/FML collection.
  • English Convert to Malayalam and Vice Versa.
  • Convert text (MP3 format) to Audio.
  • Chrome Extension and Firefox Version Accessible.

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