Pass Salesforce ADM-201 Exam with Practice Tests and Earn Salesforce Administrator Certification with Ease

The Salesforce administrators have an in-depth knowledge of how the organizations function. They are the business leaders with skills in process automation, which is an integral aspect of effective running a business enterprise. These specialists create and use a variety of tools, such as intelligent workflows, dashboards, and apps for successful completion of any project. If you want to pursue a career in this field, there is no better way to start than to earn the Salesforce Administrator credential.

Why should you consider getting Salesforce Administrator certification?

The Salesforce administrators are in high demand. The organizations with consistent growth understand the value and potentials that these professionals bring to the table. A huge number of jobs have been created for them recently. The growth rate within the border of the United States over the last twelve months stands at 34% with over 3,240 new job openings.

The earning potential is another reason to consider getting the Salesforce Administrator certification. According to a survey report, the average salary of a certificate holder is $86,850 while their uncertified counterparts earn about $69,600 per annum. With this credential, you have more chances to land a rewarding job or achieve a pay rise in your current company.

Several steps to obtaining Salesforce Administrator certification

There are three major steps involved in earning the Salesforce Administrator certificate. See them below.

  • Prepare for Salesforce ADM-201 exam

To obtain the ExamSnap Salesforce Administrator credential, you have to invest your time and energy in training. You can find a variety of platforms that offer effective courses to enhance your exam performance. You should choose your training option based on your availability and preferred learning method.

To get started, you can choose the official training platform of Salesforce, Trailhead, to find the relevant study materials to help your preparation. It is also recommended that you use alternative sites that offer updated practice tests and exam dumps for your preparation. You’ll find many options to explore online.

  • Register and take Salesforce ADM-201 exam

When you’ve developed the required skills and knowledge, the next step is to take your certification exam. You can register for it online and pay the required fee. Schedule your certification test and take it at your convenience.

  • Earn your Salesforce Administrator certification

After passing the exam, you will be awarded the Salesforce Admin credential. You can go ahead to add this to your resume to gain a competitive edge during your job interview. If you don’t pass the test at the first attempt, don’t get discouraged. You can retake it and obtain your certification. Just note that you will need to pay the retake fee for another attempt.


Obtaining the Salesforce Administrator certification, you get the invaluable knowledge and skills that will be of great use in your work. The expertise that you will gain includes good communication skills, the ability to develop dashboards, workflow rules, analyze data, and understand security. Get the Salesforce Administrator badge to become an in-demand specialist on the job market and open up new employment opportunities.

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