Pdanet+ Software FREE Download for Windows, iPhone & Android APK

PdaNet+ is one of the top Android applications of all time. It shares the Internet access of your Android phone with your computer or tablet. It works on all Android phones without rooting. PdaNet+ also doesn’t require a tether plan, that will save you $20/months from most carriers.

PdaNet+ Software
PdaNet+ Software

PdaNet+ supports connection using Wi-Fi, USB Tablet or Bluetooth DUN. There is no speed limit in PdaNet+. To use the PdaNet app for connecting your Android phone, you need to install the app on both your Android Phone and also install the software on the Windows Computer.

PdaNet Software Free Download for Windows, Mac & Android

PdaNet+ Software FREE Download for Windows
PdaNet+ Software FREE Download for Mac OS
PdaNet+ Software FREE Download for Android APK

PdaNet+ for Windows

PdaNet+ is one of the most popular software for Windows Mobile phones. This software allows your (Laptop or Desktop) to go online wirelessly by connecting it to your Windows Mobile Phone through the Sync cable, Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi.

PdaNet for Windows Mobile
PdaNet for Windows Mobile

It goes through the unlimited data plan on your phone and doesn’t require any extra service. Supports all Windows Mobile phones. Simply download and install the software from your computer and it will be online within a few seconds. It supports Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP.

PdaNet for Windows Mobile

You should see the download dialog automatically started for file PdaNetW20.exe, if not use the following link to download the installer to your computer.

When you runt the installer, if for some reason it says the file is corrupted, you can download it again from the following backup site instead.

You should be able to just install and connect. There is no need for any extra setups. Thanks for using PdaNet and enjoy the ride on wireless Internet!

Try to it!

  • Make sure ActiveSync is installed on your computer.
  • Download and install PdaNet on your Windows computer.
  • At the end it will prompt you to install to your phone.
  • Click on the PdaNet tray icon and select “Connect”.

The dial up process will be started automatically and connect your PC to the Internet, no extra setup or configuration needed!

PdaNet+ for iPhone

It has been the best tethering software for Windows Mobile Phones and Palm Operating System Phones. It’s now ported to Pdanet iPhone and Android! The latest version turns your iPhone (any version) into a true Wi-Fi hotSpot so that you can connect from your Computer (Mac or PCs) or iPads Operating System.

PdaNet Network
PdaNet Network

This allows your laptop to go online wirelessly through the 2G / 3G / 4G network on the iPhone. It also supports USB tethering for both Mac and Windows users. It provides the fastest connection speed possible from your data service and data signal.

PdaNet Desktop for Mac

The current version supports Mac OS X 10.5 or above (Leopard / Snow Leopard / Lion). The new version also adds support for 64-Bit kernel. It requires PdaNet 1.61 or above on your phone end.

During installation PdaNet will add an ethernet interface to your network list. If the network preferences window pops up, just selected “Apply” with the default DHCP settings. If it doesn’t, please bring up network preferences manually.

Also make sure you install PdaNet to the system / root drive, if you are prompt with multiple partitions on the hard drive.

At the end of the installation you will be asked to reboot your Mac. After rebooting you should see the PdaNet icon on the menu bar. Click on it to start the PdaNet connection.

If you ever need to uninstall or before you reinstall PdaNet, please run ~/ PdaNetUninstall.sh in your home directory and reboot.

How to Install

Currently PdaNet is not available through App Store. You will need to jailbreak your iPhone (see instruction) first and install Cyndia.

To use Wi-Fi mode you don’t need anything installed on the computer end. To use mode, download the desktop client on Mac or Windows.

PdaNet+ for Android

PdaNet+ is one of the top Android applications of all time. It shares the Internet access of your Android phones with your computer or tablet.

PdaNet+ works on all Android phones without rooting. It also doesn’t require a tether plan, that will save you $20/months from most carriers. It supports connection using Wi-Fi, USB Tether or Bluetooth DUN. There is no speed limit in PdaNet+.

PdaNet for Androids
PdaNet for Androids

It also comes with a brand “Wi-Fi Direct HotSpot” functionality that works on all Ver.4.1 or later Android Phones. It allows you to use Wi-Fi to connect computers and tablets to your phone but depending on which device you are connected to the phone.

You will need to either install our client software or configure proxy. In PdaNet+ you can trigger “Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot” then tap the “Help” button for instruction in details.

If you still need it, the original Wi-Fi Hotspot functionality remains in the distinct FoxFi app. Owing to carrier upgrades, it has ceased to work on many newer handset models.

Your hotspot use can still be measured even though it works. Both problems could be solved by Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot. The new functionality, however is not intended to support gaming device, TVs or TV streaming devices.

PdaNet for PalmOS Treo and Centro

Get Wireless Internet on your laptop through the Treo or Centro phone – The PdaNet Software allows your Computer to go online by connecting to your phone through the Hotsync USB cable or Bluetooth.

If you own  Treo or Centro phone with a data plan subscription from any carriers. PdaNet will make it your wireless Internet Connection for your Laptop / Desktop computer instantly – no extra hardware or setup necessary.


Ever dream of using your PalmOS device directly from your computer? With PdaReach now it is possible! Simply connect your PDA to your computer with the HotSync cable, PdaReach will show your Palm device on the computer and you can start typing and clicking on it. Super responsive!

Palm Inc. has chosen PdaReach to market and demonstrate Treo and other PalmOS devices. You can see PdaReach in action at International CES or other product road shows from Palm exhibitors. PdaReach has also been vastly adopted by teachers in the K-12 system for Palm PDA related education.

PdaNet Setup for Windows
PdaNet Setup for Windows

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PdaNet?

PdaNet+ is a popular Android application that lets you share your Android device’s Internet Connection with your desktop / Laptop. For users who can’t usually share an internet connection without paying extra just to share their cellular dat connection, this program is useful.

How to use Pdanet?

If you have access to a Windows Computer, you can also first connect to PdaNet from your computer using USB mode, then allow Wi-Fi Share in Pdanet to turn Windows into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Then your computer can be connected to it.

How does Pdanet work?

This allow for a Windows PC or Mac Connection. Furthermore, PdaNet comes with a “Wi-Fi Share” feature that will further transform the Windows PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot so that you cn connect and share the Internet Connection of your Phone with other device.

How to use Pdanet on PS4?

You can’t do it. It will need the PlayStation 4 to run the required client program, which would require the PS4 Operating System to be modified. The PS4 Operating System can not be modified, so PdaNet+ will not be used.

Conclusion on PdaNet+ Software for Windows

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Download PdaNet+ on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this extension from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on PdaNet+ Download on Notebook!

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