Sims 4 Broken Mods 2021 – How to Find, Fix and Remove?

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Sims 4 Broken Mods
Sims 4 Broken Mods

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Sims 4 Latest Update
Hello Simmers!

We have a short but sweet update for you all today, we hope you are enjoying the final days (weeks? I don’t know anymore – anyway) of the Summer. We hope you are all well and are safe wherever you are in the World.

As always I would like to thank you all for your continued support and feedback, much appreciated!

Los loveo mucho!


What’s New?

We have a wonderful painting for you by the amazingly talented Ohni Isle. This piece is called Hair Vision and embodies perfectly her bright and cheeky style. But let me show you the vision that is Hair Vision!

I’m not great at taking screenshots as you all know, but I pictured my Sim in one of the apartments in San Myshuno, chilling, reading a book with some coffee and suddenly looking at Hair Vision and making me inspired to take on my day. Kind of like this:

You can find Hair Vision in the Base Game in Build Mode under Decorations, then sort to paintings and Posters. We hope you love it!

Bug Fixes

The Sims 4 Broken Mods

Sims teleporting from floor to floor and avoiding using the actual stairs? Not a marvel of modern science fiction novels, but should be a problem that no longer occurs after this update.

How to Find Sims 4 Broken Mods 2021

Identifying Sims 4 broken mods and fixing them is an extremely important thing to do after every major update of the game. Let’s take a look at some of the best methods to find broken and deleted mods in your Sims 4 game:

  • Engage in Online Forums
  • Use a Mod Tracker
  • Ask Follow Players

Engage in Online Forums

If you feel anything strange or buggy, there is a high chance that one of the mods you’re using has been broken. In that case, online forums can help you greatly as you can share your problems with thousands of other players who might know a possible solution to your problem.

A great place to start off is the official forum of Sims 4 that includes thousands of members. These forums also help you stay updated with the recent changes in the game, including the list of mods that have stopped working after the update.

Use A Mod Tracker

There are several web-based applications known as mod trackers that keep you updated with all the new and expired mods of the game. All you need to do is run a quick Google search and you’ll find numerous mod trackers available for absolutely free of cost.

These websites have a dedicated table that contains a list of all the available mods for the game, along with their status to help you know whether they’re working anymore or not. This allows  you to remove the mods that are about to expire beforehand to prevent glitches.

Ask Follow Players

When it comes to anything concerned about the game, players can help you more than anyone else. Therefore, you can always feel free to ask your online game friends about the upcoming updates and broken mods in the game just in case they have any idea about it.

Furthermore, there are a lot of players who dedicatedly post updates related to the game on their social media handles. So, make sure that you follow them as well to stay updated with the changes in the Sims 4 Game.

How to Fix Sims 4 Broken Mods 2021

Although it may be difficult to patch the broken modifications in your version of the game, the actual issue is recognizing the mods that are no longer working, especially if you have loaded a larger number of them in your game.

However, using the methods described above, you should be able to easily locate the Sims 4 broken modifications in your game. With that stated, let’s look at the actions you may take to repair these broken modifications in your game:

  • Enable Scripts Mods and Custom Content
  • Reset the Game folder.
  • Reach out to the Support Team

Enable Scripts Mods and Custom Content

There can be a good chance that your installed mod is working perfectly, but not showing on the screen that makes it inaccessible. This can happen due to several game patches that you might have applied, which led to other mods get disabled.

To fix this, you need to ensure that both the “Script Mods Allowed” and “Enable Custom Content and Mods” options are checks marked in your game settings. These settings can be accessed by navigating to Options > Game Options > Other in the game.

Reset the Game Folder

A lot of users also have succeeded to mitigate issues related to their mods by simply resetting the game folder. To do it yourself, you just need to rename the Sims 4 Game Folder, located in the document directory of your computer.

When you do this, the game will create a new folder next time on its launch and provide a clean version to you. After ensuring that the game in running properly, you can simply move your required files one after the other to your game folder again.

Reach Out to the Support Team

In case your problem still has not been solved already, you need to submit your concern to the Bug Report Forum of the game and see whether any other player has encountered an issue similar to your or not. You may get some pretty good insights related to your problems as well.

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