Want to Get Better at Cricket? Follow These Strategies and Tricks

When it comes to popular sports, cricket stands only second to football. As per The Collector’s statistics, cricket has approximately 2.5 billion fans or followers all around the globe. Also known as the “Gentleman’s Game,” cricket has three major formats: Test Matches, One-Day Internationals, and Twenty20 Internationals. Thanks to the immense popularity that the sport enjoys, multiple regional and international tournaments are held in different parts of the globe to keep the masses entertained.

Want to Get Better at Cricket
Want to Get Better at Cricket

Besides enjoying cricket matches on a screen, enthusiasts of the sport who wish to have a more immersive experience can try out numerous cricket-related activities. One prime example is fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket facilitates avid fans of the sport to test their cricket-related knowledge by predicting the outcomes as well as numerous aspects of matches. However, to emerge victorious, every player must implement certain fantasy cricket strategies. For instance, players should remain calm in sticky citations and not let emotions get the better of them. Moreover, they should research well before any match to ensure they have the upper hand in the game. Besides this, they should assign the roles of captain and vice-captain to players performing well and in good form.

Besides being immensely popular among the masses, the sport is also very fun and exciting for players. However, when it comes to the national or international stage, where teams collide against each other, each player puts in every ounce of work to ensure that their team emerges victorious. Since cricket is a game of skill, every player who wishes to perform well, irrespective of whether they are professional or amateur, should be aware of certain tricks and strategies. This article will shed light on some effective tips and strategies following which individuals who wish to get better at the game can get the job done easily. Let us get started:

  • Have a Firm Grip While Holding the Bat

Any individual who wants to make it big as a batsman and put up a massive score on the scoreboard for their team should first learn the basics of batting. One of the most fundamental things a batsman should keep in mind is holding the bat properly. They should have a firm grip to ensure that the bat does not slip out of their hands while hitting the ball. If the batsman is right-handed, they should place their left hand at the top of the bat and use two fingers to hold it. On the other hand, if a batsman is left-handed, they should ensure that both their hands are placed closer to each other so that the bat’s paddle feels more comfortable. If the batsman holds the bat comfortably with a tight grip, the chances of them hitting the ball significantly increase.

  • Always Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

Every batsman should ensure that their eyes are fixated on the ball during a cricket match. Doing so not only facilitates the batsmen to stay focused and concentrate on the incoming delivery but also provides them useful insight into how they should position themselves to hit the ball in the best possible way. For instance, if the bowler bowls a short delivery, keeping their eyes on the ball will facilitate the batsman to go on their back foot and hit the ball accordingly. Similarly, if they see a full-length or yorker, they can position themselves in a defensive way or an attacking way, depending on their preferences. This technique significantly helps amateurs to read bowlers and hit crisp shots.

  • Use the Correct Grip While Bowling

The main objective of fast bowlers in any cricket match is to dazzle the batsmen by bowling fast deliveries. Therefore, any player who wishes to become a phenomenal fast-pacer should ensure that they are using the right grip. The grip determines the bowler’s hold over the ball. Moreover, it also determines how the ball leaves their hand. There are numerous varieties of grips that fast bowlers choose from. Bowlers place their fingers strategically on a ball depending on the type of grip they use. For instance, if a player chooses to opt for the basic fast bowling grip, they place their index finger and middle fingers on either side of the ball’s seam. The grip of a cricket ball allows bowlers to make the bowl swing in the air. Besides this, it also facilitates them to bowl slower deliveries. Hence, every pacer who wishes to create a positive impact on a match by clinching wickets for their team should opt for the correct grip while bowing.

  • Perfect Your Aim to Become a Top-Tier Fielder

Fielding is as important as batting or bowling in cricket. Hence, any player who wants to succeed as an all-rounder should focus not only on improving their batting techniques and bowling skills but also on perfecting their fielding abilities. One of the key requirements of becoming a good fielder is having a top-notch aim. Having great aim facilitates fielders to throw the ball directly into the hands of another teammate without stuttering. Moreover, there are instances when throwing the ball precisely at the wicket from a distance resulting in a run-out. Hence, every player, irrespective of how experienced they are, should practice perfecting their aim. One of the best ways to perfect the aim is to do target practice. Doing so will not only facilitate the player to develop accuracy but also allow them to exercise their arm and regulate its movement. Besides this, players can also try out other aim-improving activities.

Cricket is a popular game whose popularity is exponentially growing after each passing day. Players who wish to become good at the sport and leave their mark should refer to and practice the tips mentioned above.

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