IRCTC Magic Autofill : IRCTC Autofill Extension Download 【2024】

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Company (IRCTC) Magic Autofill is a division of the Indian Railways that manages the catering, tourism and online ticketing operations of the latter, with about 5,50,000 to 6,00,000 booking everyday.

Magic Autofill

IRCTC held an initial public offering on the National Stock Exchange on Sep-30-2019, the IPO received oversubscription by 112 times. The base price of shares was set between Indian Rupees 315 to 320 per share for the IPO.

What is Magic Autofill?

IRCTC Tatkal Magic Autofill is an IRCTC Tatkal Booking electronics tool or web service. We all know the pain behind the waiting list and the RAC Ticket.

The primary explanation behind this is the time taken to fill out the questionnaire on the IRCTC website. So, Why don’t you fill in the form before we finally head to the tatkal ticket fight.

Magic Autofill

This would improve the odds of getting a verified train fare.

  • Credential Details
  • Journey Planner Form
  • Selection of Train
  • Passenger Details Form
  • Payment Options and Details

How to works IRCTC Magic Autofill 2024?

  • Fill in all the information as requested in the boxes above: make sure there are no errors.
  • Cross-Check all data again and again after checking the details, press the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and wait for the results.
  • As soon as you Press the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button the “Magic Autofill” button will appear on the right side of the button.
  • Once, You’ve spotted the icon, drag it to the toolbar of your bookmark.
  • Once you fill in the tatkal ticket information, all you need to do is click on the “magic autofill” button in the toolbar to fill in all details automatically before time runs out.

IRCTC Autofill Extension 2024

IRCTC autofill extensions are third-party tools that can help users fill in their personal and travel details on the IRCTC website quickly and efficiently. These extensions work by storing the user’s information such as name, address, age, gender, and travel preferences. When the user logs in to the IRCTC website, the extension automatically fills in the required details in the respective fields, thus saving time and effort.

Some popular IRCTC autofill extensions include Magic Autofill, Tatkal Autofill, and Form Filler. Before using any such extension, users should ensure that they download it from a trusted source and take necessary security measures to protect their personal information.

It’s important to note that the use of IRCTC autofill extensions is not endorsed by IRCTC, and users should use these tools at their own risk. In addition, these extensions may not work with the latest version of the IRCTC website or during peak hours when the website experiences heavy traffic.

IRCTC Magic Autofill Extension 2024 – Chrome & Firefox

IRCTC Magic Autofill is a browser extension that helps you to conveniently and instantly book train tickets on the IRCTC Website. The extension would increase your chances of booking a train ticket on the IRCTC website.

Auto-filling the passenger reservation form will save you a few minutes during rush hours, thereby increasing the chances of getting a train ticket.

How to book tatkal ticket by IRCTC Autofill Extension 2024?

While an IRCTC Autofill Extension can help you fill in your personal and travel details quickly, it cannot guarantee the availability of Tatkal tickets. Tatkal tickets are a type of train ticket in India that can be booked on a first-come, first-served basis, and the availability is limited. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared and act fast when booking Tatkal tickets.

Here are the steps to book a Tatkal ticket using an IRCTC Autofill Extension:

  1. Install the IRCTC Autofill Extension on your browser and log in to your IRCTC account.
  2. Ensure that your personal and travel details are saved in the Autofill Extension. If not, add them to the extension.
  3. Plan your travel in advance and note the train number, date, and time of departure.
  4. On the day of the journey, log in to the IRCTC website a few minutes before the Tatkal booking opens. Tatkal booking usually opens at 10 am for AC tickets and 11 am for non-AC tickets, one day before the journey date.
  5. As soon as the Tatkal booking opens, select the train and class of travel, and click on the ‘Book Now’ button.
  6. The Autofill Extension will automatically fill in your personal and travel details on the booking page.
  7. Enter the verification code and make the payment using a suitable payment method.
  8. Once the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation of the ticket booking.

Note that Tatkal tickets have higher fares than regular tickets, and there is a limit to the number of Tatkal tickets that can be booked per person per train. Also, the availability of Tatkal tickets is subject to change and is not guaranteed. Therefore, it’s advisable to have a backup plan in case Tatkal tickets are not available.

What is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)?

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a division of Indian Railway and operates online train ticketing activities. IRCTC offers a range of services under a single umbrella, i.e. IRCTC. Below are the facilities rendered by IRCTC.

  • Online Ticketing
  • Tourism
  • Tatkal Scheme
  • IRCTC Help Line

However, our key concern is the time for Tatkal booking. Millions of people in Indi booked a ticket through IRCTC everyday. We may assume that IRCTC is the largest online ticket booking site in the world.

What is Tatkal Ticket?

Under the IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Scheme, Passengers who schedule their journeys on a short notice basis can book their tickets on almost all mail/express trains via the Internet portal of the Indian Railways. Reservation begins at 10:00 A.M. daily for AC-Coach reservation and at 11:00 A.M. for non-AC time, one day before departure of the train from the main station.

Magic Autofill

Tatkal E-ticket can be booked one day in advance for selected trains, except the date of departure from the originating station. It can be booked opening day from 10:00 A.M. for AC-Coach and 11:00 A.M. for Non-AC.

What is Premium Tatkal?

Premium Tatkal Tickets are largely similar to the standard tatkal system, except for dynamic fare pricing. A new booking system launched by IRCTC at the end of 2015 based on a complex pricing algorithm.

In other terms, increased demand, higher costs. But if there is no market, rates would be very close to standard tatkal traffics. Much like the airline industry, Railways has its own demand-based pricing systems.

Easy to Tips to Online Tatkal Tickets Booking 2024

  • The other thing we remember when booking tickets on the IRCTC website is that you need to keep the page alive or the message session expires. But to keep this from happening, You need to do some fast operations when making a ticket booking.
  • To keep your session alive for a long time, You need to do one tricky thing: Copy to link from the General Portion of the IRCTC Website and Select “Terms and Conditions” and paste the link on another browser. For example, if you book chrome tickets open, the connection below in the Firefox Browser and refresh the page every 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Notice all the details you need when booking Tatkal Tickets. Noting down on paper is a time-consuming activity so you can take the aid of auto form filling adds-ons nd extension from both browsers.

Conclusion on Download IRCTC Magic Autofill for Windows

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for IRCTC Magic Autofill on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this extension from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on IRCTC Magic Autofill on Windows!

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