Pokemon Game Maker X Ver.1.3 Free Download for Windows【2024】

Pokemon Game RPG Maker XP gives you ability to build your own original RPG. RPG Maker 2000 has overtaken its iconic and user-friendly interface and its graphics capabilities, combat screen style and data packaging features are better than ever!

Pokemon Game Maker

This latest iteration also contains a brand-new scripting feature by common request. For newcomers and veterans alike, RPG Maker XP is great.

Pokemon Game Editor Software Free Download

Pokemon Game Editor

Pokemon Game Editor is an all-in-one platform started by Gamer2020 in 2010 to hack the Game Boy Advanced Pokemon games, commonly referred to as PGE. The software continues to grow and has 60,000+ installs over the years.

Several copycat systems have also been inspired so the motto “Accept no limitation” was introduced. the software is currently being created with Visual Studio 2017 on VB.Net.

How to Make your own Pokemon Game?

This was a tutorial straight off the bat that I wish had existed back when I was eight. Eighteen, or I’m nearly twenty-eight nd I already have a lot of hype to see it We’re going to plough today into how to build the most convenient way possible for your own Pokemon title!

Pokemon Game Maker

Any of the gamer-savvy folk out there can recall a lot of excitement about a fan-game named Pokemon Uranium last year that claimed all new creatures, regions and storylines were included. After Nine years of production, people got pretty excited for their eventual debut! And after it reached the internet, it took Nintendo less than a week to send the legal department of the Mushroom Kingdom to close it down. Of course, if it’s on the network it’s still on the web..

And what was Uranium exactly if it wasn’t an official update for Nintendo!

Simply stated, it was a fan project produced with third-party instruments. These individual designs used a large amount of custom assets and artwork that accounts for the construction period of almost a decade, which is remarkable for a small team without a budget. But let’s say you don’t really have a squad for a moment and you’re only curious about how easy it would be to make your own monster enslavement simulator? Where could you get started?

OK, Two directions have to be followed. “ROM Hacking” is the first and most traditional technique, which includes taking a digital copy of an official game and butchering it with your digital jackhammer! This strategy helps you to make major improvements to the game, reconstruct maps and add all new Pokemon while also using the pre-built assets of the games and also enabling you to run it on your computer or on an emulator… Sadly, all game mechanics and physical memory are still very restricted. Although ROM Hacking can be the most tried and tested way to reinvent a game, there is a far better choice for aspiring Poke maniacs. There is a kit specially for RPG Maker XP called Pokemon Basics.

What am I hearing you weep about?

XP is an old version of RPG Maker and are there a number of newer versions available? Yeah, dear stranger, this is real but the Basics Package is not dependent on its own properties in the programmes. To totally re-create the functionality of portable Pokemon titles, it uses RPG XP as a programming base, loosely imitating the late third generation games but with new gameplay keeping it up.

There is also the undeniable bonus that whilst the newest RPG Maker releases always retail for about 80 bucks based on region on almost every holiday. You can find XP on sale from steam for less than a fiver. The week passed for £3.50! I ordered it myself. For what I get play with a steal.

So what would you expect from the Basics Pokemon kit?

Well, most importantly, the package includes a wide range of precise game graphics sheets to fully build your own maps from scratch, assemble whole new regions or reconstruct the classic ones as your heart desires. You can also edit them through Photoshop because all of these are based on basic PNG images and they will still work perfectly..

Apply to that a number of 649 Pokemon already operating for an upcoming update of Gen 6 and 7 mons already in the works and you already have more resources than you will ever expect to use. Inside the RPGXP engine, the game contains a full combat system and all the fun stuff you might expect from a main series title like Breeding, Shopping Fishing, EV Training and the whole nine yards.

The primary point I want you to appreciate is that it’s possible to play with or alter all of these components to your taste. Much of what you may think of is possible off the bat and something that could push past the realities of the main series games can still be changes by playing with the scripting of the RUBY code-but that’s for more experienced users and could take a tutorial on YouTube or two.

But here’s five cool stuff that I saw people do with the Basics Pack..

  • Build entirely custom Pokemon with shiny models and sprites of followers.
  • Build a Surf Board that can be used to move the waves instead of surfing.
  • Destruct half of Kanto with a volcano and still have a playable game.
  • Build a total Noir murder-mystery inside a Pokemon game.
  • Recreate the Snag Ball from the N64 game that lets you capture that monsters of other coaches!

What really sells the hobby to me is that there is already a devoted group of talented people creating new stuff around the clock, even though the app has been available for a number of years now both complete games and assets that others can use in theirs! With this July’s contest based on “The Triple” as its main term, there are also annual contests between developers to create new games based on a concept.

Putting some of these awesome features into your own projects is a few quick steps-take LukaSJ’s Elite Cobat System as an example, it only takes  few clicks to install your game and upgrade all the battles with moving sprites and battlers to Black/White 5th Gen graphics! Heck, if you like that check out the set of scripts by Mej71 that do a bundle of insane stuff, such as having your companions follow you, changing the clothes of your characters or converting your virtual world into a hardcore Nuzlokce experience.

If, You’re involved in the kind of ventures you’re doing this way check out Pokemon Prism and Pokemon Reborn two samples from multiple developers that truly put the strange and mrvellous things you can do with the device to the fore. Or Uranium if you sound like today’s irritating Nintendo!

So that leaves the question.. What is your Pokemon game going to be about?

If, I have managed to grab your attention then fine, my work is done here and I’m pleased to leave a few super helpful tips to get you started ( other than purchasing RPG Builder XP and picking up the Basics package here


Here are some useful tips to help you out if you can’t find answers on the Wiki as well as some excellent places to find ready-made assets and game features that you can credit..


I can’t overstate the importance of YouTube tutorials if you feel like getting your hands dirty on your own idea! I strongly suggest these below, both to get you started and to check for unique videos for your needs..

Steam Engine Pokemon

This is a page on the Steam Engine Pokemon skills its effects and a list of Pokemon that have this ability. If you want to know more about this skill, how to get a Pokemon with I and what is does.

It is including its Learn set on the Pokemon Rolycoly and where it can be used in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information on its advancements, skills, advantages of sort and more.

How to make a Pokemon Game in RPG Maker?

Can I make my own Pokemon game?

These games are made using an XP RPG builder that is currently on sale. There are a multitude of opportunities if you want to buy this and you want to make a Pokémon game.

How long does it take to make a Pokemon game?

It will take time to study + Virtual Reality game production, which will take almost 1 to 2 Years. If, You’re fully inexperienced with software development jobs.

Conclusion on Pokemon game maker for Windows

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Download Pokemon Game Maker on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this extension from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on Pokemon Game Maker on Notebook!

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