JR Typing Tutor v9.84 Software FREE Download for Windows [2022]

JR Typing Tutor 9.84 is an easy-to-use software that allows you to learn the Hindi Language by Typing. By providing you with different tests and exercise that you can perform in both Hindi and English the application helps you do so.

Jr typing tutor
Jr typing tutor

This way, You get to practice both at the same time no matter which one is your native language.

JR Typing Tutor V9.84 Free Download for Windows

JR Typing Tutor

JR Typing Tutor Software simple-to-use that allows users to practice typing in Hindi and English language. It’s actually a helpful application but its interface makes it difficult to use in some ways. Example: If, you have a short-sided display with less than 800 pixels, some features are inaccessible. If you want to personal home then Affordable Housing Projects.

The resizing of the main window only reduces the application frame, without reducing the actual content inside so that you don’t have a decently large monitor. You can’t use the application the way it is intended to be.

JR. Typing Tutor has the ability and purpose to truly be a helpful learning tool, but in order for it to be more accessible, it needs some much needed interface work. A large number of predefined exercises for both Hindi and English are provided by the JR Typing Tutor. In addition, under your supervision, you can create your own tests for yourself or others who want to learn languages.

JR Typing Tutor 9.28

JR Typing Tutor 9.28 is a touch typing trainer is a JR Hindi & English Typing Tutor. This offers the simplest and fastest way to analyzing contact typing. Consistently designed specifically. There are more than a hundred sports activities in English and Hindi. 

This supports the typing of Hindi Unicode Inscript and Remington GAIL and Devanagari, Kruti Dev. English language typing is guided by this.

JR Typing Tutor 9.33

Junior Typing Tutor 9.33 is the best software for students who are prepared for the govt. Like SSC, Police, Clerk etc. We need to provide you with a full lifetime version that is cost free and helpful for you.

JR Typing Tutor
JR Typing Tutor

Jr Hindi and English Typing Tutor is a tutor for touch typing. This offers the simplest and quickest way to learn touch typing.

JR Typing Tutor 9.77

JR Typing Tutor 9.77 is a RPSC LDC special software typing application. RPSC LDC Form Exam Features & Rules:- The applicants are given something on screen. The rear portion is permitted until time is over.

Missed/skipped and incorrectly typed words are counted as errors. For speed calculations one term rule of five personalities is used.

Most Popular Features of JR Typing Tutor:

More than 10 lakh users, Thousands of Institutions

JR Typing Tutor is the most trusted software for Hindi, Hindi Unicode, Punjabi and English typing with more than ten lakh users across India. We have successfully conducted 100+ typing tests using our typing exam software. JR typing tutor is one and only one typing software in the world having such rich features.

Multi Languages and Multi Keyboard Layouts Supported

JR Typing Tutor supports Hindi (KrutiDev/ DevLys), English, Punjabi, Unicode Hindi (Mangal Font). It supports Inscript, Remington GAIL, Reminton CBI, Marathi Akruti Keyboard Layouts for Unicode mangal Hindi language. Using font and Keyboard layout change it can support almost all languages available in the world.

Speed calculation in WPM, DPH

JR typing tutor calculates the results as per Indian central and state government. It shows the results by both rule.

Rule 1. Five characters = 1 words

Rule 2. Blank space separated is a word

Speed in Word Per Minute (WPM), Depression Per Hour (DPH), right word typed, wrong world typed, accuracy etc. are shown on result sheet.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Installation

Easy to Learn, Easy to Installation. To install JR Typing Tutor simply double-click the installer icon and follow the onscreen instructions.

Windows Desktop Offline Application

JR Typing Tutor is Windows Desktop Offline Application. It runs on all version of Windows and Internet connection is not required for running this application.

500 paragraphs for typing practice

There are more than 500 typing test exercises. Speed building exercises are also included. User can also add exercises by using add exercise botton.

Highly Customizable Software

Using JR typing tutor settings user can easily change exam type, font name and font size, language, test duration, backspace settings. JR typing tutor is one and only one typing software in the world having such rich features.


JR typing tutor have onscreen speedometer. It shows users current speed in Word Per Minute (WPM), Depression Per Hour (DPH), shows right word typed and wrong typed.

Support Typing, Steno Typing Test, Data Entry and Efficiency (Word and Excel)

Using JR Typing Tutor user can learn typing along with Steno typing, Data entry practice, Word and Excel efficiency practice.

Hindi Typing Tutor

It’s very easy and fast to learn Hindi Typing with Unicode fonts. The online Hindi Typing tutor will provide you step by step Hindi Typing using Unicode font and Inscript Keyboard Layout. Inscript Keyboard layout is Indian govt. Official key layout for Hindi Typing.

India govt. supports only Unicode based font for Hindi Typing India govt. strictly advised to use Inscript keyboard in govt. departments because of Universal standard Unicode become most popular technology to used for fonts in today’s time. READ MORE

Top 5 Online English Typing Tutor

The Top 5 Best Free Online Typing Master is what you can access to learn to tap quickly and work quickly and effectively with your system.

There are also other sources that it is not enough to speak that it is not enough to speak to computers. Touch typing skills have improved over time for quick and efficient development of content. READ MORE

How to Install JR Typing Tutor Software on your PC?

Step 1: Click to “Download” button in above then automatically downloading start now.

Step 2:

Conclusion on JR Typing Tutor 9.77 for Windows

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for JR Typing Tutor on PC. After downloading this software, open this software.

I suppose your PC does not installed this software. Then, you can download this extension from ItTechGyan website. Now import that software file to your PC.

At last, I hope you liked this post on JR Typing Tutor on Windows!

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