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Bhrigu Patrika is a comprehensive horoscope prediction which details everything that will happen in your next 10 years of life. The report offers information about the events and the important aspects of your life, including personal life, job, family, health and property. All predictions are based on Ancient Vedic Astrology describing the charts of the horoscope, celestial locations the results and remedies of Dasha, Dosha Review, Gemstone Suggestions & more.

Bhrigu Patrika future point
Bhrigu Patrika future point

Bhrigu Patrika Kundli: The Bhrigu Samhita, revered under the name of the great sage Bhrigu, is the most wonderful gift to humanity! In the form of astrology, the great ancient sage of India gave mankind. One of the greatest blessings that can be used to alive a remarkable life. The technique he developed is known as Astrology of the Bhrigu Samhita.

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Features on Bhrigu Patrika

Bhrigu Patrika Reports offers a detailed summary of life events including the horoscope predictions, highlights of personal and professional life. It’s a detailed 10 year horoscope report that provides detailed predictions of 50 Pages covering all aspects of life. In includes the Birth Chart, the Numerology Report, The Vimshottri Dasha, The Yogini Dasha, The Gemstone Recommendation Report, The Raj Yoga Report, The Dhan Yoga Report, The Shani Sadesatti Report, The Kalasarp Dosh & Mangal Dosh Analysis Report and the remedies for personal and professional life success.Bhrigu Patrika


Analysis of the Birth Chart based on Vedic Astrology does. The Birth Chart consists of nine planets, twelve signs and houses with detailed explanation that is useful in understanding different aspects of life such as personality, career, relationship and finances. The Basic Details, Planetary Positions, Horoscope Charts, Vimshottari Dasha, Yogini Dasha & more are available at Bhrigu Patrika.


Gemstone suggestion for bringing wealth, prosperity and achievement to life, based on your Kundli. Recommendation for Gemstone is based on your Lagna where each planet has its respective gemstone. The suggested gemstone is lucky for your planet and the sign of the moon. Bhrigu Patrika suggests the Gemstones in detail based on your Kundli research, such as Life Stone, Benefic Stone and Lucky Stone.


Kalasarp Dosha is your horoscope is an inauspicious Yoga. It is Rahu and Ketu’s strong force on your world that causes life to have negative effects and few positive effects that can happen overnight. Check or analyze your Kalasarp Dosh now to find out if Rahu & Ketu are impeding your progress. You are receiving the presence/absence of Kalasarp Dosha in your horoscope, effects & remedies at Bhrigu Patrika.


In one’s horoscope, Manglik Dosha is also an inauspicious practice that often produces the obstacles in marriage and after marriage. As Mars is said to be the emotional planet that signifies rage, action and nature fighting. Bhrigu Patrika gives you details on whether or not you are Manglik based on your horoscope including Manglik Analysis, Effects and Remedies to minimize Manglik Dosha’s negative impacts.


Sade Sati is the Planet Saturn’s 7.5 Years long transit during the periods Saturn/Shani Planet is giving the individual unusual amount of stress. It comes thrice in a person’s lifetime horoscope. Education & Parents affects First Sade Sati. Second Sade Sati affects life, family and economy. Whilst, the last Sade Sati has health effects. Bhrigu Patrika Sade Sati Analysis which provides Sade Sati status in your horoscope.


Numerology Report gives you the lucky number that outlines your personality, abilities, weaknesses, problems you’re dealing with. Reporting numerology opens up a broader understanding and helps you make wider choices that guide you through true happiness & abundance. Numerology Report provides for you in Bhrigu Patrika, Favourable Time for you, Favourable Gayatri Mantra for you.


Applicable beneficial yoga study from 1000’s of yogas indicating beneficial yogas based on the Horoscope analysis when performing them yield successful & optimistic results in life. Bhrigy Patrika offers important beneficial yogas such as personality & appearance related yogas, nature & disposition, welfare, education, profession, marriage, babies, parents, health & longevity, wealth & more.


Detailed 10 Year Prediction Horoscope Report detailing the activities, job, health, income, happiness, finance and all other important aspects of your life. It is a 25 Page horoscope report with customized astrological data, celestial profiles, Favorable Time, Marriage & Relationships, Gemstone Suggestions, Sade Sati Review, Dosha Reports and Remedial measures & more.

Services on Bhrigu Patrika


Get Digital Bhrigu Patrika report in PDF format featuring comprehensive astrological predictions based on your birth data. The 10 Years prediction report detailing predictions of your aspects of education, employment, industry, family and finance. Specific knowledge contains records of feedback from Lagnas, Yogas, Muhurats, Dosh analyzes and Gemstone. It is an simple and fast report which can be obtained via email.


Get Bhrigy Patrika in hardcopy at your desired address. The book details about 10 Years of astrological calculations and predictions. 50 Pages long horoscope report describing Vimshottari Dasha, Yogini Dasha, 1000 Yogas, Doshas and Remedies, Gemstone Suggestion Report, Numerology Report, Raj Yoga Reports with utmost accuracy and precession focused on Ancient Vedic Astrology.


Get FREE Horoscope Report analyzed using specifics of your birth based on renowned Vedic Astrology. Our online horoscope analysis software provides instant and accurate report Based on planet placements in your birth chart, the report is accurate prediction. The report on free horoscope prediction is a generic horoscope report that offers in-depth insights into one’s personality, behavior, job, relationship, kids, doshas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Bhrigu Patrika

What is Bhrigu Patrika?
Bhrigu Patrika is a 5 Years customized prediction book made for you only by 2 of the best qualified astrologers (Rajiv Sood and Sumedh Soni).

What does it contains?
It includes a study by Janam Kundli, Chandra Kundli, Navamsa Map, Dhan Yoga, Raaj Yoga, Shani Sadhe Sati, Manglik etc.

How much does it cost?
Bhrigu Patrika has three distinct variants. The Digital PDF variant costs approximately 500, Physical Black and White variant costs approximately 1100 and Premium Physical Colored version costs approximately 2100.

How will I get Bhrigu Patrika?
Bhrigu Patrika’s digital copy will be sent to you by e-mail, while the physical copy will be delivered to your address.

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