Quest Soft Player Full Version 5.8.0 Free Download – QSP Player 1.9

Quest Soft Player is a piece of software that allows text-based game development framework. It’s a free open source programs that allows you to create interaction fiction, such as text adventure games and game books.

Quest Soft Player

No programming is required – everything about your game is shown in plain English and a complete tutorial is included.

Quest Software Player v5.8.0 Download for Windows

Quest Software Player v5.7.0 Download for Windows

Quest Software Player v5.8.0 Download for Linux

Quest Software Player v5.7.0 Download for Linux

Quest Software Player v5.7.0 Download for MacOS

Quest Soft Player

Quest Soft Player is a text-based game development framework with a preference for a choice-based user interface (there is an option to make a parser game). It comes with a cross-platform player as well as a few game development tools.

It has a large and prosperous Russian community, which was established by Valery “Byte” Argunov.

It runs on Windows, PocketBook, Android, Windows CE / Windows Mobile, Linux / Unix, MacOS, Sony PSP, BeOS / Haiku and Linux / Unix. The player is GPLv2 approved although some utilities and libraries are LGPLv2 licensed.

AeroQSP Shell is a QSP flavour for creating Flash games, rendering QSP playable in a web browser.

QSP User-interface

The QSP interface is flexible. All windows except the main description window can be disabled. A new player is under development with full support for HTML and CSS and as a result, almost unlimited design flexibility.

Below, for example, are screenshot of the games “Courtful Balled” and “World Consciousness, Level 13”.

Quest Soft Player
Quest Soft Player

QSP Player 1.9

QSP Player is an application for android which is designed for making quest games based on text. A special programming language is used for this purpose.

QSP Player 1.9 by Sonnix

QSP Player 1.9 by Sonnix – visit link :

QSP Player for Android

There’re multiple Android players:

What is QSP Game Engine?

Quest Soft Player is a text-based game developing system leaning towards the choice-based interface (there is an option to make a parser game). It includes a cross-platform player and a couple of utilities for game development. Originally developed by Valeriy “Byte” Argunov, it has a big and stable Russian community.

QSP Player for MacOS

Version 5.7.0 alpha:

QSP Player for Linux

Features of QSP Player: Quest Soft Player

➤ The app allows you to create your own text-based quests.

➤ Compatible with modern versions of Windows.

➤ Free to download and use.

➤ Platform supports its specific programming language.

➤ You can attach audio and animation to your games.

Alternative for QSP Game

Alternative player for QSP games. The user interface has been rewritten in Qt. Sonnix is the author. The new player can work with the old one seamlessly. Player’s save games are interchangeable.

The player has all of the original’s features and settings. There are a lot of other options as well. You can allow the display of the current page’s html code. You can make the last downloaded game start automatically.

How to make Quest Soft Player?

Quest is a gaming platform with a lot of potential. It’s built to be simple to use, but it packs a punch when you need it. You can also use HTML and Java Script to build your own user interface to fully customize the look and feel of your game.

You can build and distribute advanced functionality libraries. Quest is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL), which allows you to download and modify the source code as well as use it in closed source commercial applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is QSP Player safe?

Yes, QSP Player is a safe and secure used for playing text-based games.

What is the full form of QSP Player?

“QSP Player” stands for “Quest Soft Player,” which is a software application used for playing text-based games created with the Quest Soft authoring system.

Who is developed Quest Soft Player Game?

The Quest Soft authoring system and QSP Player were developed by a Russian software developer named Vitaly Shmelev.

Is Quest Soft Player “QSP Player” software available for free?

Yes, Quest Soft Player, also known as QSP Player, is available for free.

Quest Soft Player used for

Quest Soft Player (QSP Player) is a software application used for playing text-based games that are created with the Quest Soft authoring system.

QSP Player is used to play text-based games created with the Quest Soft authoring system, and it allows players to immerse themselves in a world of interactive storytelling and decision-making.

Is Quest Soft Player supports on Windows 11?

Yes, Quest Soft Player (QSP Player) is supported on Windows 11 Operating System also includes Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit full version.

What is the latest version of QSP Player?

The latest stable version of QSP Player was version 1.9, which was released on January 4, 2021.

QSP – Authoring System

Links Home page Download
Developer Valeriy Argunov
Interaction Style Choice
Systems Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Other
System details Various other systems (Pocket PC, Sony PSP, PocketBook, Flash).
Latest version July-27-2022
Multimedia support Colour, Graphics, Sound
License GPL v2
Notes Language: Russian

Quest Soft Player Details

Software Full Name qsp580b6
Setup File Name
Full Setup Size 8.5 MB
Setup Type Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
Compatibility Architecture 32-Bit (x86) / 64-Bit (x64)
Latest Version 1.9
Latest Version Release Date Jun-10-2014
License Freeware

Minimum System Requirement

Operating System Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10 & Windows 11
Memory (RAM) 2 GB
Hard Disk Space 500 GB
Processor Intel Pentium or above

Conclusion on Quest Soft Player  for Windows

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